Slow Sunday Dress Pattern Bishop Sleeves Hack

Slow Sunday Dress Pattern Bishop Sleeves Hack

Hello my sewing friends! Here I am with another hack! This time we are adding the super trendy bishop sleeves to one of my favorite Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns, The Slow Sunday Dress/Top Pattern. This is going to be a very simple tutorial. Let’s get started.

For this tutorial you will need the Slow Sunday Dress Pattern and the Summer Nights Romper Pattern. We will be using the bishop sleeve piece from the Summer Nights Romper Pattern and adding it to the Slow Sunday Dress Pattern. 

Let’s start by cutting the front and back bodices from the Slow Sunday Dress Pattern (This hack will work for the dress or shirt option). Now cut the neckband of your choice from the pattern. In this picture I have my front piece, my 2 back pieces and my neckband piece.

To make the bishop sleeves we need to have both sleeves pattern pieces from both patterns (Summer Nights bishop sleeve and Slow Sunday sleeve). Place the Summer Nights Sleeve Bishop sleeve piece down. Now place the Slow Sunday Sleeve piece (I used the short sleeve piece for this tutorial) over the bishop sleeve lining the pattern pieces at the under arm.

Now you can either trace a new pattern piece or put some tape to join both sleeves pattern pieces. I am going to join my 2 pieces with some tape.

Next,  fold the small excess of the Summer Nights bishop sleeve pattern to the inside.

Now you can use your new sleeve piece to cut the bishop sleeves. Do not forget to adjust for the length of the sleeve if you need to. Now cut the sleeves pieces on fabric (2 pieces on fold) and used the sleeve cuffs from the Summer Nights Romper Pattern.

Now that you have all your pieces you can sew your top/dress following the instructions on the pattern.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and don’t forget to show your beautiful makes with Ellie and Mac Patterns on Facebook or Instagram !! I would love to see if you recreate this tutorial. Find me on Instagram at @queenbeesew

Happy sewing!

(Written by: Erika Jessen)

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