Good Vibes Shorts Elastic Waistband Hack

Hi friends! Sonia here today to show you how I added an attached elastic waist band to the good vibes joggers! This hack makes a really great lounge shorts, and since the elastic is attached to the fabric, there’s no need to add a waistband so it’s quite quick.

First step is to duplicate your front and back short pattern pieces, as we will be adding height to the top of them. My elastic is 1 1/4 inches, so I added 2 1/2 inches to the top of both my back and front shorts. Then cut out shorts pattern pieces, and cut your fabric.

Next, you will overlap your waistband elastic, and attach securely with a zig zag stitch. Halve and Quarter the elastic, and distribute evenly to the wrong side of the shorts.

Next you will serge or sew the top edge of the waistband. If you’re using a serger, make sure to drop your blade so you don’t cut into the elastic.


Once that is attached, hold the waistband down again towards the wrong side, enclosing the elastic. Pin or clip well to make sure the fabric is folded vertically and doesn't shift.

Using your sewing machine or cover stitch, topstitch the waistband, making sure to stretch as you sew. By this, I mean hold the fabric in front of AND behind the presser foot stretched evenly, and guide the fabric through. You don't want to pull solely against your needles!!

Here's a side view once this is done! 

Go ahead and hem, and that's it, so quick!

Thanks for joining me for this fun quick hack, and you can pick up the pattern here if you don't have it yet! 

Good Vibes Joggers

And check out this super fuzzy fabric from Amelia Lane Designs, these are the coziest shorts I own now! Happy sewing!!

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