Secret Length Extension Hem

Secret Length Extension Hem

Hey friends! Have you ever faced the dilemma of getting your child's dress just right, only to find out they've outgrown it in the blink of an eye? Well, worry no more because I've discovered the genius of a secret length extension hem! 

This nifty little trick allows you to add some extra inches to your child's dress hemline, so they can keep rocking their favorite outfits even as they grow like little weeds.  No need to stress about investing in new clothes every few months!

Say goodbye to constantly replacing their wardrobe and hello to longer-lasting cuteness!  With a quick unfold of the hem, you'll have your kiddo's dress magically adjusted to their new size. It's like a fashion wizardry, saving you time and money! 

So, why not embrace this game-changing secret length extension hem and let your child's style evolve with them? Fashionably efficient and parent-approved! 

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Below I will take you through the steps on how to add the secret length extension hem. You can add the extra length yourself or use this method when after sewing and fitting the dress is too long for your taste.

While cutting your fabric, you start with adding extra hem allowance to the hem line. 

Adding about 3" works very well, so thats the advice. 

Fold the entire extra hem allowance up, with the right sides together:

Then fold the extra fabric in half and allign the raw edge to the bottom of the first fold. Pin and press the whole bottom hem before you start sewing. 

Stitch or serge (don't forget to turn your knife up) close to the fold line and the raw edge. You can use a regular straight stitch or a stretch stitch. 

Your secret length extension hem is now ready!

Whenever your child has experienced a growth spurt, you can unpick the hem, unfold and hem it again the regular way.

(Pictures and tutorial by Marieke de Jonge)

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