Personalized Christmas Stockings PLUS Paw Print Add-on!

Personalized Christmas Stockings PLUS Paw Print Add-on!

Hi everyone, it's Lakeisha again from Sincerely, Shantelle! Today I've got a blog for you that involves the Free Merry and Bright Stocking*. If you've read many of my blog posts here, you'll notice they are ofte n jam packed with more than one hack or modification. That's because I often have so many ideas to try out on one pattern and I can't decide which should be the I include them all!

As such, this blog will show you a few things:

  1. How to add an appliqué initial to your Stocking.
  2. How to make it unlined (I like to do this when using fleece since it's already thick).
  3. How to make a stocking for a little fur friend in your life! Feel free to read them all or skip to the section you're interested in.

1.  Add an Appliqué to Your Stocking

We have a collection of me - made stockings from years past. We typically can pu ll out whatever set matches whatever color scheme we choose for our tree, but of course this year we chose a completely new - to - us color scheme of burgundy, blush, and ivory. I found some cute plaid plush fleece at the fabric store and a solid. When I got home, I really didn't like the idea of using the solid as the Cuff, so I decided to use it add an appliqué and went back out to grab some Sherpa for the Cuff instead. The idea to share my process for making an appliqué came somewhere in between all of this.

After you have the pattern printed (or projected) the hardest part is deciding what to add. I decided to just go with our initials and used Georgia font in size 500 for the large stocking and the same f ont in size 350 for the small stocking. I printed each letter, cut them out, and placed on the stocking to double check the sizing was nice.

For the puppy stocking, I drew out the paw print (which is now a lovely add - on to this pattern so you can project or print out those shapes if using). To add some stability and more control to the appliqué process, I flipped the letters face down so that they would be a mirrored image and traced the letters onto the back of some 2 sided fusible web sheets. (There are many brands on the market, so make sure to follow the instructions on the package if using).

You'll notice in my photo I have some letters tilted to make them fit. This was my last sheet so I had no choice, but because fleece has a nap, some of the letters "rub sideways".

If that bothers you, keep that in mine when positioning your appliqué onto your web. If you're fusing all pieces in one go, just peel off the front paper and position your entire sheet onto the appliqué fabric. Follow the directions for your fusible web and fuse them, then cut each shape/letter out. If you're fusing one by one (maybe because you're using various fabrics or a design that can't be tilted) cut the pieces apart roughly, then peel off the front paper and fuse to your appliqué fabric. Cut the shapes out.

Decide the way you want your Stocking tilted (foot to the left or right) and position each Stocking Front Right Side Up. Peel off the other side of the fusible web. I placed the sewn cuff on the stocking to make sure I didn't position it too high, but if you haven't sewn yours yet, you could also just measure the cuff and make sure to place it low enough so it's not covered by the bottom of it.

Follow the directions for your fusible web and fuse the appliqué in place to the Stocking. I was worried that this wouldn't hold over years of storage in the garage with the hot and cold extremes, so I stitched it down after fusing. If you'd like to do this, zigzag stitch around the outer edges to secure the appliqué permanently or hand stitch it if that's your jam. You can continue on with the Stocking tutorial included with the pattern if making it lined. If you'd like to make it unlined, continue below.

If you have a Cricut or other cutting machine, consider fusing your fabric to the web and then cutting it that way with your machine. You could also use vinyl for a quicker customization option.

2.  Make an Unlined Stocking

Since I was making this year's family stockings out of fleece, I decided to forgo the lining. While lining does give a nice finish to the inside of the stocking. I find that for something we only use a few days out of the year, I can save a little fabric this way, especially since I serge the seams. I only recommend doing this if your fabric is thick. For quilting cotton weight or lighter, it's best to stick to the tutorial included with the pattern.

The only mod you'll need to make to the pattern is changing the Cuff. First, you will need to find the middle of the Cuff piece, since you'll only need half the height (since it won't be folded) and add 1/2" (13mm) for the hem. I measured on the existing pattern piece and just folded, that way when I make them lined in the future, I still have the full pattern piece.

After cutting from fabric, fold the bottom edge of the Cuff up 1/2" (13mm) towards the Wrong Side and hem. Fold the Cuff Right Sides Together and sew up the side seam. Turn your Cuff Right Side Out and set aside. For the Stocking, you will only need to cut 2 mirrored, instead of 2 mirrored sets. After you have added your appliqué (if desired), place the Stockings Right Sides To gether and sew up the side and bottom. You do not need to leave a hole in the bottom since there's no lining to turn through. Press and then turn it right side out.

Construct your Loop and baste it to the Wrong Side of the fabric near the seam on the long/hanging side of your Stocking (this could be left or right, depending on which was the front of yours).

At this point, your Stocking and Cuff should both be Right Side Out and the Loop is inside the Stocking. Insert the Cuff into the Stocking so that the Right Side of the Cuff is touching the Wrong Side of the Stocking, and the raw edges are aligned. Your hem should be down inside the Stocking. Sew the Cuff to the Stocking. For Sherpa, I like to sew with a sewing machine first, making sure to catch all layers, and then go back and finish with my serger so it doesn't continue to shed everywhere. Flip the Cuff Right Side Out and your Stocking is complete!

3.  Make a Stocking For a Fur Friend

In honor of getting our first family pet this year, I decided to modify the small Stocking into a paw shape. The beauty in working for one of the best people I know is that Lindsey agreed to make it into actual pattern pieces for you all so that I wouldn't have to draw it out an explain to you how to modify it yourself! Yay and thank you, Lindsey!

If you want to make one of these you will need to get the pattern here* or access your downloads if you previously "purchased" this pattern (reminder, it's free).

The pattern pieces for the Stocking, as well as the appliqué pieces for the paw prints are available there. Simply follow the instructions above to fuse and appliqué your Stocking with the paw print and any other appliqués you want to include. Place your 2 Stockings Right Sides Together and sew around the outer edges. This is much easier when done with a sewing machine and finished up with pinking shears. Clip close in between the paws and trim down the seam allowance at the curves for a neat look. I used pinking shears for this. If you're making it lined, sew the liner Right Sides Together and then follow the tutorial included with the pattern to finish. The only difference will be instead of leaving a turn hole in the bottom, leave it in the side seam. Follow my instructions above for unlined. Easy peasy!

I hope you found this tutorial helpful and that it makes your holiday season Merry and Bright, indeed! I'd love to see your Stockings if you try this tutorial out, especially if you make one for a Fur Friend! Feel free to tag me in our Facebook Group to share or ask questions! Until next time :)

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(Written by: Lakeisha Webb)

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