Pattern Mashup: the Be Captivating with the Breezy Dress

Hi there, this is Manda from SewingAmbi again! This time I bring you one of my favorite sews of last year: a mashup of the Be Captivating Dress and the Breezy Dress

I loved the Be Captivating Dress from the moment it released, and it looks gorgeous on so many women. Still I hesitated, because I felt the bottom skirt was to form fitting for my body type. I like the look of a skirt on me that is a little looser. So I starting thinking: "How can I make this beauty work for me?" I really like the Breezy Dress aswell, especially the skirt part. And I am so lucky that all patterns of Ellie & Mac can be mashed together so easily! 

This is the look that we are going for.

So lets start this project together! We begin with measuring our chest, waist and hipsize to determine the right size. For the best fit, you do this every time you start a new sewing project. That way you will never be surprised with the fit after you are done sewing. Then we print the bodice and sleeves of the Be Captivating Dress and the skirt of the Breezy Dress. Let's cut and paste the pattern pieces really quick (thankfull this can be done in a breeze!)I always need to adjust the pattern for height since I am 5ft8'. So I cut the bodice at the LENGTHEN/SHORTEN line. And I add (5ft8' minus 5ft5' devided by 2 makes) 1.5 inches and paste them together again. 

Now it is time to cut our pretty fabric! I picked a shiny, silver velvet with lace pattern on it. Key to sewing with this kind of slippery velvet is to use a lot of pins or clips (I prefer to use the clips, because I feel they keep the fabric better in place). 

For the sewing part you can use the instructions of the Be Captivating Dress, just use your Breezy skirt when it calls for sewing the bodice and skirt together. For the hemming of the skirt you can check the instructions of the Breezy Dress. I just folded it 1/2 inch and pinned it really good in place, because of the curve in the hemline. Et voila: your beautiful masup is ready to wear! 

I have shared my creation in the Ellie & Mac Facebookgroup already, and I would love to see all of your creations in there! So feel welcome to join the fun!