Pattern Mash Up - Miami Wrap Top & the Cuddle Tunic

Pattern Mash Up - Miami Wrap Top & the Cuddle Tunic

I’m Tiwa and I want to share the mashup I did of the adult Miami wrap and the cuddle tunic and dress pattern. My affiliate links are located below for both patterns. I was browsing Pinterest and saw a cute top that had some loose sleeves and a fitted top. The best part was that it would use up some of the scraps of tulle I had from making my kids dresses.

Miami Wrap Top

Cuddle Tunic

I used the crop top version from the Miami wrap and the Bishop sleeves from the cuddle tunic. Once you figure out your sizes, remember to blend for the best fit, cut out your fabric. I used leftover gray glitter tulle with a blue DBP. For the Bishop sleeves I shortened them to a length I wanted by measuring the distance from my wrist to where I wanted the sleeve to fall. Once I had that measurement, 6 inches, I added a half inch back in for the hem and then measured along the bottom 6 inches up. I wanted to keep the irregular shape of the Bishop sleeve so I made small lines that I could connect. Hem the sleeves by turning the bottom up half an inch wrong sides together and sew with your favorite stretch stitch.

For the elastic placement, I wanted the cuff to be on the small size but move the elastic up if you want a bigger cuff. Lay your sleeve down on your cutting mat and make it straight. The bottom won’t completely line up on the bottom but have the lowest part on a line and the rest of the sleeve as straight as possible. The bottom of the sleeve curves so you cannot just measure x number of inches up but instead follow the horizontal marking of the cutting mat to make your elastic lay straight. You will have to stretch the elastic in order for it to fit the sleeve. Use a zigzag stitch to attach the elastic. Then finish the sleeve by sewing along the seam right sides together with your favorite stretch stitch.

Make your Miami top as stated in the pattern and then section the sleeve opening into quarters as well as your sleeve. Insert the sleeve into the bodice right sides together and make sure the center of the sleeve is aligned with the shoulder seam. Sew stretching the sleeve opening as needed. Topstitch your sleeve opening with the seam allowance facing into the bodice. This allows for a cleaner look because the tulle is see-through.

Congratulations you finished your top!!! I hope you all love it and feel a little bit fancy like I did while I was wearing it.

(Written by: Tiwa Leveille-Franks)

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