Oasis Swimsuit Hack

Hi, my name is Judith, and today I am going to show you how you hack the Oasis Swimsuit Pattern into this: 

 Cut your pattern and fabric according to instructions from E & M’s Oasis swimsuit pattern, except for pattern piece “Front Bodice”. This piece will no longer be cut on the fold because it will be modified. You will need to cut 2 mirrored pieces of Outer fabric & Liner Fabric.

Let’s figure out how to modify the front bodice piece.

I made mine in a size Large :)


(Half measurement of desired cutout) - ⅜”= (amount to fold over)

Example: For a 3” wide cutout  1.5”-⅜”= 1 ⅛”

I decided on 2”.

Remember we’re working with only half of the front bodice piece. Half of 2” is 1”, subtract the seam allowance of ⅜”. That gives me 5/8” .

You will need to fold over ⅝” of center Front Bodice pattern piece.


Draw a new line ⅝” from center edge and fold over. (this is your new front bodice piece)


Cut Front Bodice pieces. 2 outer, 2 Liner.(Mirrored)


Decide how many strips going across front you will want. For this tutorial, I marked every inch. Note: I started my marks in between the ⅜” seam allowance of top and bottom. I ended up with 8 strips.


Making the center strips (lattice) detail: (If using the 2” cutout like i did.)

Cut one long piece 2in. x 22in. Fold in half lengthwise wrong sides together. Press. Unfold. Fold long edges to center crease. Press. Fold in half again. (like making bias tape) Topstitch ⅛” from long edges.

Cut 8 strips measuring 2.75” or 2 6/8”

Making center strips (lattice) detail: (If using a different width cutout)

Just add 6/8” to your chosen front bodice width cutout (this will be the size of each strip) and multiply by number of strips you are using. This will give you the total length. After cutting the long piece, follow instructions as above. Lastly, cut into strips according to size.

Example:(3 inch wide cutout)  3.75 x 8 = 30 your long piece will be 2”x 30”. Cut 8 pieces measuring 3.75

Note: it will always be 2 x (   ) = length

*you can use FOE (fold over elastic), or Create “ties” by sewing the long edge wrong sides together. Turn to the right side. Or even add grommets.


Sewing the center strip (Lattice) detail. With your outer and liner piece right sides together sandwich in strips, lining up with marks you made earlier. Pin strips in place. Stitch with  ⅜” seam allowance. Open up bodice with outer and liner pieces wrong sides together. Press.


Optional: Pin strips in place to remaining liner piece. This will ensure strips will stay in place.

Place remaining outer & liner bodice right sides together. Carefully pin straps in place matching markings. Stitch with ⅜” seam allowance.Open up bodice with outer and liner pieces wrong sides together. Press.

That's it! You are ready to continue with instructions of
Oasis Swimsuit pattern.   

And this is what you end up with, a beautiful Oasis with lattice detail:

(Written by Judith Lopez)

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