My Top 3: Favorite Dress Patterns

My Top 3: Favorite Dress Patterns

Hi everyone!

I’m Deborah, living in Belgium and a huge Ellie & Mac fan.

Ellie and Mac has been one of my go-to pattern companies since I started sewing several years ago. They just have so much easy, quick to sew patterns, comfortable to wear and easy to adjust to all of my wishes.

That is why I would like to show you some my favorite Ellie & Mac dress patterns and maybe even inspire you to give them a try yourself!

Pattern Number One: Sweetie Pie Dress

The first dress I would like to show you is a dress I made with the sweetie pie pattern. I love the flow of the skirt, the A-line, and the fact you don’t have to attach the skirt to the bodice, since the front and back panel are in one piece. Making it a super quick sew! I’ve used this pattern over and over ever since I bought it!
Sweetie Pie Women's Tunic and Dress Sewing Pattern by Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

I love those super trendy statement sleeves, so I adjusted the pattern piece of the sleeve to have pleats in the shoulder line to give it more ‘puff’. I also wanted my dress to have bishop sleeves. To give this a go, I had to adjust the hem of the sleeve. In this picture below you can see how I tackled that adjustment.

I widened the shoulder cap to be able to make 7 pleats.
I also widened the sleeve hem, drew a wrist band and then gathered the sleeve hem before attaching the band.

The result? A dress I love, with sleeves just the way I like them!


You can find this pattern here: Sweetie Pie Tunic & Dress 

We also have a sewing tutorial for you available on YouTube:  

Pattern Number Two: Sunny Days Dress

When I just started sewing, I was really drawn to the Sunny days dress. I had been wondering a good part of my life if maxi-dresses and me would be a match. It wasn’t until my first Sunny Days Dress, I realized they can be!

Sunny Day Dress Line Drawing

Every summer, I sew myself a Sunny Days Dress. What I love about this pattern, is the fact I learned the burrito-method the sew up a sleeveless dress. So not only I found out I liked long dresses, I also learned a new sewing technique because of this pattern.

You can find this pattern here: Sunny Day Tunic & Dress Pattern

We also have a sewing tutorial for you available on YouTube: 

Pattern Number Three: Be Bold Dress

Last but not least, I wanted to show you the Be Bold dress. Another easy to sew dress, that is perfect for summer! Lightweight woven fabrics make this top flow and drape so beautifully.

I have sewn up two of them for the upcoming summer, both in a wrinkle-free fabric.

The blue one is in a see-through chiffon fabric, so I attached a liner underdress to it.

The other one is in a very lightweight fabric, called polyester crash. It’s wrinkled, so no ironing needed!

You can find this pattern here: Be Bold Top & Dress

We also have a sewing tutorial for you available on YouTube: 

Now you know all about my favourite Ellie & Mac dress patterns, but I’m curious about yours too!

Which Ellie & Mac pattern would you recommend?

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(Written by: Deborah Ingelrelst)

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