Sewing A Trendy Dolman Shacket

Sewing A Trendy Dolman Shacket

Hi, everyone! Sherrie here with a fun new pattern modification that is perfect for Fall! We'll be using the High Hopes Dolman to create a trendy Shacket!

You only need two pattern pieces which are the shirt and sleeve bands. This can be easily done on a projected pattern but shown here on the printed pattern. 
Original High Hopes Dolman
Modified Dolman Shacket

To begin modifying our pieces, we'll need to print out the main bodice pattern piece and leave the neckline straight, as shown in the image below.

Raise the back neckline up by a half inch and match the curve to meet the shoulder.

Measure in 3 inches on the front bodice and fold over, tapering out as you go down to make a gentle slope about 6-10 inches depending on your personal preference.

A) The front will not be cut on the fold. You will need to add some paper here or just make a note that when cutting this piece you will need to "square off" the top of the pattern piece, as shown in the image below.
B) Cut out your sleeve bands.

Tape extra paper onto the bottom of your bodice piece.

A) Lay a shirt with your desired length and shape onto your pattern piece.
B) Trace the bottom of your shirt onto your pattern piece adding your desired allowance for hemming.
Front Bodice piece: Fold the front portion (discussed in step 2) in and be sure to square off as discussed in step 3, and cut two of these pieces mirrored and NOT on the fold.
Back Bodice piece: Be sure to unfold the portion we folded in for the front bodice and removed the squared-off portion. Cut one of these pieces on the fold.

Sewing Steps

Once your pieces are modified, and the fabric is cut out, you simply:

1) Sew shoulder seams front to back.
2) Sew side seams.
3) Follow the pattern for the sleeve bands.
4) Press 3/4” hem on front opening and neck, then fold into the crease  (a double hem for no raw edges as shown in the images below), then sew.

5) Repeat step 4 for the hem, and you're done! 
Thanks for reading!

(Written by: Sherrie Broussard)

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