How to Style the Oversized Tee

How to Style the Oversized Tee

Hello everyone! When you read this blog you for sure saw the great new Oversized Tee pattern! It’s a versatile pattern with many options and it also includes three crop top lengths!

I can hear you thinking: aw cool, crop tops…I like them...but not for me. I understand, but there are many ways to wear a crop top and I am going to show you how!

Well, I made four different tops and combined them each with two Ellie and Mac patterns and a store bought one.

So, let’s start!

  1. This is a green sweater fleece top. The banded crop length with the banded neckband. It’s warm and cozy and excellent for wearing on the Feel Pretty Pants. With this outfit you can go shopping, have a lunch with your friends or just feel stylish and comfortable at home.


  1. Again the green top, but this time I am wearing it on the Good Vibes Joggers. Can you see how different it looks now? (And this outfit is perfect for laying on the couch ;-))

  1. This skirt I got from my sister in law and never worn it yet, but I’ll do now!

  1. And the next one! This is the long hemmed crop length, with short sleeves, a kangeroo pocket and a hood. I used again a sweater fleece and combined it with a short version of the Feel Pretty Pants. As you can see, with a high waist it won’t show any skin. Put on some boots and you are ready to go!

  1. But you can wear it easily over a dress too! It’s perfect because when you live in a colder climate like me, you will be able to wear all your lovely summer dresses the whole year!

  1. And combined with my favorite jeans and jacket. Simple, stylish and never wrong.

  1. The 3th one I would love to show is again a crop top with the banded length, but this time the one with a facing. The fabric is a thinner sweater knit with a good structure.The nicest thing about the facing option is that you can wear it off shoulder too. Just put a simple sleeveless top beneath it and you are dressed really good, sexy, but not too much.

  1. This one is one of my favorites too! I used the skirt piece from the be Gracefull Dress and just made a tunnel and added elastic too it. Hello skirt! And combined with the top it’s a lovely set, made for long walks at the beach or going into a bar.

  1. And combined with my favorite white blouse. Just put a crop top over it and done! It can be that simple!

  1. The last one is different then the other three, this is the tunic length and also that one can be stylish and styled in many different ways. It’s a soft and thin sweater knit and I combined it with my all time favorite pattern: The Urban leggings! Wear it with or without a belt and you are dressed pretty good!

  1. With the Good Vibes Joggers you just created the perfect sport outfit or jump on the couch and relax.

  1. And the last one! Still the same tunic, but now tucked in a skirt and blouse it a little bit. As you can see it’s now excellent for going to work.

Well, I hope I could show you how versatile this pattern is and with endless options how to style it! These are just a couple of examples for the uncountable other possibilities!

I am already looking forward seeing your creations!

(Written by: Marieke de Jonge)

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