How To Finish a Neckband On The Inside

How To Finish a Neckband On The Inside

Hi there, here is Marieke.

As we all love sewing, it’s the details that makes the garment (and with this method you don’t have to be afraid that your partner, kids, friends wear the garment the wrong way ever again, lol).

There are several ways to finish it in a nice way, and with this method you can even do it afterwards with your already made garments.

So, let’s start!

Step 1 
Measure the inside of your back neckband from shoulder seam to shoulder seam and add 0.5”.

Step 2
Cut out the strap; the length you just measured and width 1’

NOTE: You can use woven fabric for this, but…then there will be no stretch at the back anymore. My advice is to use a stretch fabric. And when you do want to use woven, baste it on and try it on first.

Step 3 

Fold the strap 1/4” in at both sides and pin the strap with right side to the seam allowance from the neck band. Start pinning at the shoulder seam all the way to the other shoulder seam.

Step 4

Sew on the strap by using your favorite stretch stitch. I prefer to use a wider zig zag stitch and make sure to use the same seam allowance as you used for sewing on the neckband.

Don’t use your serger for this, you won’t be able to make a clean finish and the seam allowance will be way to thick at the end.

Step 5 

Now you fold the strap around the seam allowance, so the raw end isn’t visible. Take your time for folding it over neat and evenly. Use as many pins you need.

Step 6 

It looks like this now. This is also the time to add a size label if you want. (I didn’t add one, so it’s not attached at the last picture, but this is for showing when you want to add one)

Step 7 

Sew with your prefered stretch stitch close to the bottom. For this step I like to use a wider zig zag as well.

You are finished!

You can add a name patch too of course.

NOTE: the stitching will be visible from the out side. Use different thread for needle and bobbin or use contrasted thread for a fun effect.

NOTE: Use straps with fun tekst or figures to make your garment more unique then it already is. 

(Written by: Marieke de Jonge)

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