How to Add a Zipperless Pocket to Your Backpack

How to Add a Zipperless Pocket to Your Backpack

Do you love adding pockets to your bags? Or do you want to add a pocket to your bag without a zipper? Then this is the hack for you! 

Easy Backpack Sewing Tutorial for Beginners by Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns
Ellie & Mac has released the Pack Your Bag Backpack Pattern. This pattern includes the option to add a zippered pocket to the interior or the backside of the medium and the large bag. But you might want to add pockets without a zipper, or to add a pocket to the small sized bag. 

I am Sammi and in this blog tutorial I will show you how to add sturdy pockets to the interior of the bag. These pockets won't pull on the lining fabric like a patch pocket would.

Take the lining pattern piece and fold it over for your desired pocket height. For this medium bag I have chosen for 10 inch. 

Cut two pieces for each pocket side. So 2 pieces for the pockets on 1 side of the bag or 4 pieces for pockets on both sides.

Put the pocket pieces right sides together and sew (I'm using the reverse side of the denim for inside of the pocket) Turn and top stitch the pocket top.

Place the pocket onto of the liner and baste all of the sides.

Using a ruler and taylors chalk mark the base of the pocket and sew. This is to ensure anything inside the pockets won't fall into the base of the bag.

Mark and top stitch for the pockets. Remember the sides will be in the corners of the bag. I've chosen to divide this piece into two main pockets. Sew to create the pockets.

Then assemble the bag following the instructions and you are done!

If combining an internal zip pocket, I created the zip first then folded and clipped it out of the way to sew the other pocket.

This is showing one main pocket combined with a zip pocket.

Enjoy your new bag and fill those pocket up!

Pattern: Pack Your Bag Backpack Pattern

(Written by: Sammi Leslie)

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