How to add a V-neck to Every Pattern

Hello, here AnCa from

I would like to show you how to draw and sew a V-neck on the Autumn spice top
from Ellie and Mac. Of course you can apply the same technique to every pattern.

The Autumn spice top is the ideal color block pattern to use with your scraps and panels. This pattern has both above the bust and below the bust options for the top color block section and sleeve sections.  It has a trendy curved hemline and you are going to love the relaxed fit!

The original pattern has a beautiful round neckline. As much as I like it, I remain a fan of the v-neck for my broad shoulders. I therefore decided to adjust the pattern.

I would love to tell you how I did that!

First we have to alter the front pattern piece and the neckband pattern piece.

Take your pattern piece of the front.  Determine how deep you want your V-neck to come. Draw a curved line from that point to the original neckline.  A curved line gives you a more beautiful neckline than a straight one.

Cut your pattern piece on the line you just have drawn.

If you cut your adjusted pattern piece out of your fabric it looks like this. 

Now we are going to adjust the neckband.
Take the pattern pieces from the front and the back and draw a line on the seam allowance of the shoulders. Measure the neckline on the front and the back (without the seam allowance) and count these two numbers together. Take 90% of this number. This is the total length of your neckband. Divide this number in 2 (after all, you cut on the fabric fold) and do not forget to add the seam allowance along 1 side.  Draw your new pattern part according to these dimensions. The original width remains the same.

Take the pattern piece of the neckband and fold it in half lengthwise.

Place the pattern piece of the neckband against the pattern piece of the front so that the bottom corner of the neckband comes up against the top corner of the neckline of the front. Draw a line on the neckband, straight to the top.

Cut the pattern piece of the neckband on this line. Your pattern piece will look like this. Cut 1 against the fabric fold.

Sew the v on your neckband on the seam allowance. Cut in the tip of the v up to the stitching.

Fold your neckband in half, with the points on top of each other. This should look like this.

Now follow the original manual of the pattern up to the part were the neckband is attached.

Staystitch the v on the seam allowance of the front.

Cut in the tip of the v up to the stitching.

Sew the neckband to the front. You can spread the cuted V of the front piece as in the photo. Make sure that the tip of the V is nicely alligned with the seam on the tip of the neck band.  I find it easier to sew a bit to the left and right of the point before I pin the rest of the neckband. The tension is then slightly less and that sews easier.

This is how your beautiful V looks from the front 💖. Now attach the rest of your neckband and finish your T-shirt as stated in the instructions.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

It all looks harder than it actually is, and like everything else: practice makes perfect 😉.

Good luck!

(Written by Annick Campenaerts)


Thank you for these clear, concise instructions. my 3-year old grandson is always hot, so I’m going to use v-necks on all this shirts from now on!

Maddi Lacey October 30, 2020

These are great instructions! They are clear and concise with great pictures!

Melissa K September 29, 2020

Thank you so much for this. I’m a major fan of the v-neck (big boobs) but struggling to find patterns to accommodate my preference. I will be using this..Alot!

Debbie August 09, 2020

We have adjusted the blog to show the picture clearer, sorry for the inconvenience!

Admin April 26, 2020

I was so excited for this tutorial! I love v-necks and so few patterns I like have them :)
That said… Please can it be edited so that the pictures can be seen properly? I can’t make out the details, and without that the text instructions don’t make sense to me :(

Cerys Jones April 26, 2020

Is it me or are there no pictures?

Leticia Byrne December 06, 2019

Wow, I love this! I need to get over my fear of v-necks.

Only thing is that the pictures are a bit small, but with some zooming in I could see clearly.

Lakeisha September 06, 2019

Thank you, this is a great tutorial. It’s difficult to see the pictures, can they be larger? I tried making the view bigger on my computer and then could only see the text but not the pictures. Thank you.

Karla Strivens September 20, 2019

This great, is there a way to look at the pictures a little bit bigger?

Jacqui Mendez-Johnson August 15, 2019

Maybe it’s just me, but the pictures for the tutorial can’t be seen.

Glorimar August 30, 2019

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