How to turn the Be Smart Jumper in to a pinafore

How to turn the Be Smart Jumper in to a pinafore

Hi y’all!! This is Lakeisha from [Sincerely, Shantelle] again, and today, I am here to share with you a mashup that I absolutely ADORE!

When I received this faux-denim cotton lycra from EmyJean Fabrics, a jean pinafore was the first thing that came to mind. I couldn’t find a knit pattern that was exactly what I wanted, so I figured why not mash up patterns from my favorite company to get the look I desired? For this style I used pieces from the Be Smart Jumper and the Teacher’s Pet Romper. Read on to figure out just what I did.

For the Be Smart Jumper, I used the low skirt, low waistband, and low straps. I modified the waistband and the straps, but the pattern pieces are the starting point. For the front portion of the pinafore, I used the bodice from the Teacher’s Pet. Based on your personal taste, this piece may need to be modified, but the pattern piece is the best point to start from.

Here’s what we have:
The first modification we will make is to fold the waistband pattern in half width-wise so that it is half as tall and cut TWO. Instead of folding the band over like the skirt instructions, we are going to be sewing them as a liner and main. You can add seam allowance to account for this seam if you wish. I did not.

The second modification I made was to measure across my daughter’s chest to ensure that the bib portion was as wide as as tall as I wanted it. In this case, I added 1” (1/2” on the fold) in width and 1.5” in height to the pattern piece to get the desired look. (In hindsight, I probably could have left it the height of the original pattern piece, though).

Once all of your pieces have been cut, we are ready to get started!

Fold your waistband and waistband liner right sides together, and sew each of them on the short end to form a tube. I am using the same fabric for all of my pieces, but you can choose whatever combo you want. Mark the front center of both, then sit aside to work on the bib.
Apply interfacing to the top corners of the bib outer and liner. I did about a 2”x3”
rectangle to ensure that I’d have ample space to decide on my buttonhole placement after it was sewn and that it would adequately support them (or snap installation). Also, apply interfacing to what will be the front of your straps where you will sew on the buttons or install the other snap.
With Right Sides Together, sew the top and sides of the bib.
Fold the straps Right Sides together and sew the top (interfaced part) of them and down the long sides.
Turn Bib and straps Right Side Out and press well. You can topstitch around the straps and bib now, if you like.
To attach the bib to the skirt, your Bib and main waistband should be Right Side Out, and the waistband liner should be Inside Out. Mark the front center of all three pieces with a pin or clip.
Place the Bib Right Side together onto the top of the waistband main and pin or clip at the center.
Slide the waistband liner onto these pieces, with the right side touching the Bib liner. Pin or clip at the center.
Pin or clip all the layers together (Bib, Bib liner, waistband main, waistband liner) and sew, using your preferred stretch stitch.
Turn the bib Right Side out again and press well. It is now attached to the waistband.
Decide on your snap or button placement and sew or install. If sewing buttonholes, they go on the bib and the buttons go on the straps. Remember to sew them to the closed, interfaced end of the straps.
Attach the skirt to the raw, bottom edge of the waistband, following the same
instructions from the Be Smart Jumper. At this point, button the buttons or snap the snaps and try the jumper on the recipient. We are going to place them following the instructions from the Be Smart Jumper, as well, but we need to know how much to trim away. For my daughter’s size, I cut off 5.5” from each strap. I waited until the end to do this, just to be certain I didn’t make the straps too short on accident.
Sew the straps on, hem, and admire how cute your new pinafore is!! You’re all done. I hope you enjoyed this mash and that you will make one soon. I can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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