Easy Off Shoulder Romper Pocket Mod

Easy Off Shoulder Romper Pocket Mod

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Sincerely, Shantelle and on this blog, I’m sharing with you how I modified the pockets on my latest Off Shoulder Romper. I’m not a super pocket lover, but when I do sew pockets onto my garments, I don’t typically like a lot of bulk added. To combat this, more often than not, I switch inseam or any other pockets with liners out for single layer pockets. They’re not everyone’s style because they require visible stitching on your garment outer, but I personally love them! With a couple of quick modifications to a pattern, it’s so easy to switch them out. Let’s get started.

For this mod, I am using the Off Shoulder Romper pattern. I will be referencing the way the pieces are labeled in that pattern, but the same technique has been used on other joggers and shorts patterns with the same success. We will be modifying the Front Pants and Pocket Outer pieces for this tutorial.

Place the Pocket outer behind the Front Pants to create a full front piece (without the pocket gap missing). Next, trace a slight scoop. I raised the side a little bit from the original slant and ended at the same spot near the top. Instead of printing another Pocket Outer, I just traced the edge of it through the pattern onto the Front Pants, then traced a new copy of it on extra paper. Afterward, trim away the excess paper from where you traced your new curve at the side seam.

The pieces you will need for the mod are two front shorts (mirrored), 2 pocket outers (mirrored, and two binding strips. They will be 1.25” x 85-90%% of your pocket opening, depending on what type of fabric you used.

To apply the pocket bindings to the openings, mark the center of both with a pin or clip. With Right Sides Together, match the center points and then pin or clip along the curve. I always stretch my ends a tiny bit past the edges so they don’t end up too short.

Sew the binding on with a serger or zigzag stitch. From the Wrong side, press the seam allowance up toward the binding. Fold the binding down over the edge and pin or clip over the seam. Repeat with the other Front Pants.

From the Right Side, use a coverstitch machine or a zigzag stitch and topstitch along the binding edge to secure it. There may be excess binding on the wrong side. You can carefully trim it away with embroidery scissors, or leave it. The choice is yours :)

Now we are going to apply the pocket. Flip the Front Pants over to the Wrong side. Match the side seam and form a straight line with the upper waist seam. Place the Pocket piece with the Right Side touching the Wrong side of the Pants. Pin or clip it along the top and side seams. It is recommended to baste in these places you pinned or clipped.

Topstitch the edge of the Pocket to the Front Pants. I used my coverstitch to stitch on the Wrong Side to create the “reverse coverstitch effect”. You can use a regular zigzag stitch or other decorative stitch, as well. My finished front and back sides look like this. Sew your shorts/pants side seams and inseams, then continue on with the rest of the applicable tutorial to finish your garment!

Check out those pockets!


(Written by: Lakeisha Webb)

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