DIY Halloween Shirt: Using a Freezer Paper Stencil

DIY Halloween Shirt: Using a Freezer Paper Stencil

Happy Halloween! This is Catherine and I’m here to share a quick Halloween shirt or costume! Using the Tulip Tunic pattern and a freezer paper stencil technique I made an easy last minute pumpkin shirt that can also be used as an adorable costume. First, you’ll need the following supplies: Tulip Tunic pattern printed and assembled in the size you need, appropriate orange fabric, freezer paper (I used printable sheets), precision cutting tool, black fabric paint, foam brush, green fabric, and Heat n’ Bond double-sided iron on adhesive paper (optional).

To begin, I cut out all of the pattern pieces, including those in the cut chart, from my orange fabric. Next, I prepared my stencil. I searched for a pumpkin face image and printed it on the freezer paper, following the manufacturer's instructions for printing. If you are using a roll of freezer paper you’ll need to draw or trace the image yourself on the dull side of the paper. Using the precision cutting tool I removed the inner pieces of the face, thereby creating a stencil.

Mark the center of the front middle section of the tunic fabric and place your stencil shiny side down on the fabric. Iron on a low setting to adhere the stencil to your fabric.

Using a foam brush, dab the paint on the shirt. I did 2 coats to ensure complete coverage. Let dry according to the directions on the paint. 

When the paint is dry, carefully peel off the stencil. Follow any instructions on the bottle for curing the paint. Mine required steaming.

To make the leaf, I used green fabric scraps. I drew the leaf shape freehand, but searching for a leaf image online would do the trick as well. I cut mirror images from my fabric and then traced it on the Heat n’ Bond. The scraps I used were thick and fleecy and I didn’t want to turn it and have a bulky leaf, so I simply sandwiched the Heat n’ Bond between the fabric and ironed it together, leaving raw edges. If you are using a thin green fabric then I recommend you sew right sides together, leaving a 1 inch hole, and turn. Topstitch around the leaf and through the middle to make the vein pattern on the leaf. I used a brighter green thread so the stitching would stand out.

Complete the Tulip Tunic following the steps in your pattern. Be sure to mark the center of your front section before gathering so that you center it to the front bodice when constructing. Pin your leaf according to your preference and stitch it to the tunic.

You did it! Your pumpkin shirt is complete! Be sure to share your finished project on Ellie & Mac’s facebook page!

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