Learn How To Create This Pinspiration: Using The Strawberry Kisses Romper

Learn How To Create This Pinspiration: Using The Strawberry Kisses Romper

Hey all! If you have seen my Pinspiration Hack from the Spring Challenge. I’m going to share to all y’ all how I did it. 
The pattern sizes I used were a 5 width and 4 height. (So some adjustments may need to be done on your end.)  ***Always make a muslin of your garment when adjusting any pattern***
Hey all! If you have seen my Pinspiration Hack from the Spring Challenge. I’m going to share to all y’all how I did it. 

The pattern sizes I used were a 5 width and 4 height. (So some adjustments may need to be done on your end.)  ***Always make a muslin of your garment when adjusting any pattern***

So let's get started. 

Things Needed For Creating Pattern: 
Strawberry Kisses Romper Pattern (Aff Link)
- Extra paper for creating new pattern pieces
- Imperial Ruler
- Pen/Pencil

After printing and assembling your pattern with the sizes you need to cut out the following pattern pieces. 
  • Back bodice
  • Front Bodice
  • Short Front
  • Short Back
  • Will create “skirt”
  • Will create “inside front bodice”
  • Will create “bow” I also have included my bow pattern piece that I used

We are first going to tackle the shorts to hack. 

- You will want to add 1” to the waistline on both front and back pieces. 
- Now we are going to spread the pattern piece
- Fold the top corners together of the shorts, crease and then cut on the crease.
- Draw a straight vertical line on a piece of paper.  From that line, draw a new line 2” parallel to the line you just drew.
- Now you can tape your pattern pieces to these lines. Crotch piece to the left of the 1st line, the other side of the split pattern piece to the right of the 2nd line. 
You will have your new width for the pattern piece, cut this out the new piece and do steps A-C on the front short piece. 

Shorts Front Knife Pleats
I used the size 5 width on my pattern pieces. To create the pleat measurements some adjustments may need to be done to be perfect. 

On your front shorts pattern piece you will:
*All measurements are from the side seam*

  • Draw first marking at 2.5”
  • Second marking at 4.5”
  • Third marking at 5.5”
  • Fourth marking at 6.75”

**These measurements were done roughly and was great for my size 5 width.**

I have on my piece arrows pointing in the direction (towards the side seam) where I want the pleats to go when I'm basting them on. Just so I don't forget which way I want them to go.

So now you have your new front piece.

Now more work on back shorts piece.

Back Bodice Piece
We are simply going to create a slanted line from armscye down towards the waist. Use your new front short piece as your guide for the width

Inner Front Bodice
You will want to grab some extra paper, a butcher paper roll or just tape some paper together to make this new pattern piece.
I mark my ¼” seam allowance so I know where my center of the pattern piece will need to be (w,x,y,z)

I’m going to trace the front piece onto the paper then flip, match it up with the seam allowance marking on the shorts, and trace the waist and side seam just up 2”. 

Then from the 2” side seam connect that to the shoulder seam.

Cut the new piece out.
*** Set aside for now***

Front Flap Bodice
Take your front bodice piece and I’m going to add 2” to the button tab side. 

Even out the neckline to be straight and cut out.
This is now your new front flap piece picture shown with front flap piece finished on top of the inner front bodice.

Front Skirt Piece
You are going to use the front Flap bodice piece you just created
Use the width of this bodice piece to make the width of your skirt. 
Make a ¼” seam allowance line just under that line you created. 
Fold down the front shorts at the waist 1” 
Line up the waist of the shorts folded down at the seam allowance line
Find out how long you would like your skirt to be and make a mark. (mine was 2” above the leg opening.
Draw my line down from waist to the length you just marked. Make it into a square of a rectangle. 
On the bottom right-hand side around the corner, so it will have a curve there. Cut out your skirt piece.

So these are your new main pieces. I will add the bow piece that I used for my size 5 feel free to enlarge it or shrink it down as you wish. (pdf)

****always make a muslin when altering a pattern****

Seam allowance: ¼”
Hem allowance on shorts: 1”

Cut mirrored all pieces except Back Bodice
Cut 2 on the fold - Back Bodice Piece (1)

Attach main skirt piece to main front bodice flap at the waist seam right sides together,
- Do the same for the lining pieces
Sew together main back bodice piece, front bodice flap with skirt attached and front insert. - sew at shoulder seams right sides together.
- Do the same for the lining pieces. (4)
With right sides together lay your lining on top of the main and sew around neckline from front bodice insert and go all the way around to the skirt bottom side seam. (3)
- Flip right sides out and press. 
Now we are going to burrito roll the armscye using a burrito roll.
pull bodice through and press arm opening. (7)
- Do for both sides
- Move the bodice/skirt side aside(8)
- Open up the front bodice insert and back bodice, line up the side right sides together and sew ( you will only be sewing this side for right now.) (9, 10,11)

Shorts Front Shorts
- Mark your pleats on your fabric 
- With wrong sides together match markings to create a fold, and fold it to the side seam. Do the same for the rest of the pleats. Baste in place.
- Sew together the rise of the shorts with right sides together

Back Shorts
- Sew up rise of the back with right sides together and finish the seam as desired.
- Connect one side
- Lay the front shorts on top of the back shorts right sides together. You will be connecting the side of the shorts that you connected on your bodice on the previous step (not the side that has the skirt) 

Attach shorts to bodice right sides together, lay shorts right side up and then lay bodice on top as shown in the picture. Sew and finish the edge.

Now sew a line 1” from the waist seam all the way across. 
Press seam going up. 

Make an elastic casing only on the back piece. Sew ⅛” from the edge and keep this line only on the back bodice piece.

Before I added in the elastic. I place my snap to close the front bodice flap on the inside of the front bodice/skirt right above the waist seam line. I lined mine up in the center from the center of the shorts to the pleat.

Use ¾” elastic 
To get my size divided waist by 2 and add 1”

Pull elastic through the casing starting from the front bodice, when it gets to the side seam stitch the elastic in the ditch (side seam), pull elastic all the way through to the other side and baste 

Now, if anyone has any other suggestions on how to construct this side seam differently please comment.

We’re going to make a bodice sandwich, grab the back bodice and wrap the front bodice flap with right sides together lining to the lining side and main to main.(make sure you are pining) Sew down to the waistline, then flip it so right sides are out. 

Now we are going to attach from the waist down the short hem. By having the right sides together and sew down from the waist to hemline. (the skirt will be in the center).
Attach crotch seam 

Add Bow
- Lay bow pieces right sides together, sew around the bow leaving some turning space.
- Turn the bow right sides out and press and sew the opening shut 
- Tie in a knot 
- Hand sew bow on at the waistline on the front flap bodice 

Turn in hem by turning and pressing in ¼” and then turning in and pressing ¾” of an inch. Sew your hem down.

Add your buttons or snaps along the front bodice and you are finished!!

(Written by Rachel Reece)

PDF Sewing Patterns

Download your pattern immediately after your order.