Curved Hem Zippered Pocket Hack

Hi everyone! Today I am going to share a hack on the free curved hem pocket tank. I love the look of this tank and how it is perfect for athletic wear. I walk my dogs every morning. Between carrying treats, bags, a clicker for them, and my keys and phone it becomes a lot. I wanted a top that I could store my phone in without worrying about it being lost or falling out. A zippered welt pocket seemed like the perfect solution. I put mine on the back near my side but you could also add yours to the front.

The first step is to cut out all your pieces along with your pocket pieces. I used my phone as a guideline for the size of my pocket and added an inch to that measurement to all sides to account for seam allowance and ease. I used a piece of paper and made a rectangle out of those measurements and then an inch from the top of the rectangle I drew a line. This will be the top of the welt pocket. I made another line directly below the 1" line at the 1/2" mark. Both lines have two vertical lines connecting them at 1" from the edge. Now we have a 1/2" inch rectangle within our pocket piece for the opening. In the middle of the smaller rectangle we will draw our opening with a line and some triangles at the ends as shown in the pictures. These will be our cutting lines.

Cut out your pocket piece. Please cut along the fold on the bottom however if, like me, you were running out of fabric cutting two pieces is fine as long as you account for seam allowance. If you cut two pieces please sew them together on the bottom edge right sides together. To make it one piece. 

Next place the pocket diagram you made on your pocket piece. Transfer the zipper markings to your pocket piece. If you are adding the pocket piece to the back like I did please sew the back pieces together. Make sure to place the pocket up high enough to account for hemming. Pin the pocket piece in place on your top. 

Sew along the zipper rectangle that you made and then using a pair of sharp scissors cut a line down the middle of the rectangle stopping about ¼” from either edge. From the stopping point clip to the corners being careful not to clip the stitching. Turn the pocket piece to the inside of the shirt through the opening you made. Press gently. 

Next we will install the zipper. Either pin or use wondertape to keep the zipper in place. Place the zipper under the opening and topstitch around about ⅛” from the edge of the opening. Using a zipper foot will make it easier to get closer to the zipper teeth. Trim the excess zipper tape away. 

Take the bottom of your pocket piece and line it up with the top of your pocket. Sew around the remaining three sides with a ¼” seam allowance. Now your pocket is finished! Finishing sewing the top as shown in the instructions. 

Hopefully you all enjoyed this hack and find the zipper pocket useful. If you do make it please share with the rest of us! Until next time, happy sewing!

(written by: Tiwa Leveille-Franks)

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