Curved Hem Tank Top Hack 2

Curved Hem Tank Top Hack 2

Psst!! Hi Friends, I am back as the guest blogger again today. Somehow I lucked into two Fridays in a row and I am hacking the same FREE Curved Hem tank as I did last week! If you missed that hack, you can click here. Today, I am scrap busting and pattern hacking, so hang on - here we go!

1. Print your pattern, do your blending as usual. I printed the 4x graded to the 5x. Now cut out your pattern.
2. Use a long straight edge, like my quilting ruler, to mark from the point that starts the bottom hem curve all the way across your pattern. Cut to remove the bottom curve. Repeat with the other half of your bodice. Now both bodices are squared off. I also measured across the bottom of my pattern piece. Mine is 16 inches which needs to be doubled since it is cut on the fold. 
3. Visit your scrap bin. All 3 of these fabrics were in my bin. As you can see, I went with 2 prints and a solid because that's just how I roll. I encourage your to try your hand at mixing patterns. If you are nervous about this, I written a ton of blog posts about it. You can read them here.

4. Cut your fabric for the top front and back bodices. For my shorter tier layer - I cut (2) 6.5 inches tall by 40 inches long pieces. For my longer tier - I cute (2) 11 inches tall by 40 inches long. I picked 40 inches because it is just a few inches wider than my bodice will be so there will will a slight ruffle effect. I cut my bindings from the solid for a little more contrast.
5. Sew your long strips into tubes by connecting the shorter ends. Do this for both tiers. Now layer your shorter tier and longer tier overlapping along one long edge. The wrong side of your top layer will be against the right side of your bottom layer. I found it easiest to start with the side seams and clip there, the quarter and eighth points. Now baste the layers together. This is now going to be called the bottom layer.
6. Assemble your tank by sewing the back bodice pieces together, then the shoulders and side seams. You can also attach the bindings here.

7. Matching right sides together, lay your bottom layer along the bottom of your tank bodice. Clip at the quarter points and then at the eights. If you added a larger amount of length for your bottom tiers, you may want to gather your fabric for this step then clip the layers together. My photo has already been stitching, but I forgot to take a pre-serge photo. :)
8. Serge or stitch around the entire bottom of the tank, easing as needed. See previous photo and ignore the clips. :)
9. Ta-Da! You have a now have a super cute ruffle layer tank!
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If you love this hack, be sure to pick up the original pattern here. This is a free pattern, but feel free to use my afflink for selecting an extra pattern as a thank you to the designer. 

This print fabric is from  Stitchin' Pretties, but is older so it isn't in stock. They currently have a sale happening. Buy 2 continuous yards, receive one bonus yard for free. (Laura's choice)

The red solid and blue striped print is from Sly Fox Fabrics. Check them out as well as they have running lots of pop up deals in the last week since they have reopened at Covid lock down.

(Written by Sequoia Bond)

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