Create Your Own Cute Dog Toy!

Create Your Own Cute Dog Toy!

Hello everybody,

Here is Lesley alias Frullemieke from the blog again. Today I’m gonna show you how to make a cute dog toy out of fleece fabric. I’ve made a sniffing mat and a pull rope. When the mat is ready you can hide cookies or chunks in it and it will become a search game for your pet!

What do you need:

  • a rubber doormat
  • fleece fabric, a lot of fleece fabric 😉
  • a textile scissors

1. Cut the fleece fabric into strips about 5 cm wide and 30 cm long.
For the pull rope I cutted 6 strips of 5 cm wide and 50 cm long.

  1. Place the doormat upside down in front of you and start knotting in the first hole in the corner.
    Run the strip up through the hole and down through the hole next to it.
    Turn the mat over and make a double knot to secure the strip. And repeat this for the entire row.
    You can make a row of diagonal knots, and then another row horizontally.
    It depends a bit on how full you want the mat to be.

    3. As you can see my mat was not very full yet, so I kept knotting until all holes were closed with this as the result.
    Nice pattern at the back eh ;-)

  2. The pull rope is actually a simple braid: I tied the strips together at the top, gathered the strips by color and started braiding
    One more knot from the bottom and your toy is ready!

    And now just look at how much fun your dog has with the toys 😊

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    (Written by Lesley de Winter)

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