Create your own Color-Block Tie Peplum Top!

Create your own Color-Block Tie Peplum Top!

Hi there! Brittany here! Today I’m making my blog debut by showing you how I hacked The Kid's Colorblock Tie Top (affiliate link) to be a peplum top! Ok, let’s start cutting! 

You’ll want to cut all pattern pieces as normal except for the bottom front and back pieces. For the bottom, to achieve the gathered peplum When the piece is unfolded it will be an extra 6” wide. You can add as much or as little as you want based on how gathered you want it to be.

You should end up with something like this once everything is cut:

Of course, yours might vary slightly based on sleeve choices! OK, lets get sewing! I mostly followed the pattern instructions as they’re written. Here’s what I did:

  1. Sew top front and back pieces to middle pieces. Top stitch if desired.

  2. Sew together at the shoulders, RST.

  3. Attach sleeves/sleeve bands (or hem)

  4. Attach neckband

  5. Sew front and back together

Here’s what you should have so far. All that’s missing now is the peplum piece!

To attach the peplum piece, I first sewed the two pieces together (RST) so create one piece.

Gather the skirt so that it is the width of the bodice. Turn the skirt inside out and pin/clip to the bodice.

Here I did a basting stich to hold the skirt and bodice together so it didn’t slip in my serger. You don’t have to do that, but my serger (or me..) has a hard time otherwise. Once the skirt is attached you can remove the basting stitch. Hem the bottom of the skirt ½’, step back and admire your work! (Even if your model has a mean mug)

(Written by: Brittany McGlade)

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