Breezy Top Breastfeeding Hack

Breezy Top Breastfeeding Hack

Calling all breastfeeding parents!!

I have been drooling over summer tanks and warm weather patterns only to realize I would have to undress half my body to breastfeed in them. After several Google searches for “breastfeeding friendly” patterns and none of them being what I was looking for, I decided to hack one of my favorites!

This is a super simple hack, and the result is fabulous! Let us jump right in!

You will need everything that the original pattern calls for and in addition you will need 4 sets of snaps and optional interfacing.

Cut out the pattern for the fully lined sleeveless peplum top. (1 main front, 1lining front, 1 back bodice main, 1 back bodice lining, 2 skirts main)
Add 1 inch total to the straps when cutting out (1/2 inch to front and 1/2 inch to the back). This will allow the extra room needed for the snaps without affecting the armscye.


Cut out 4 pieces of interfacing 3 inch in length and 2 inch in width.

Iron on the interfacing to the main fabric front and back straps 1/4 inch from the edge.

With right sides together line up the lining to the main fabric, sew the shoulder seams, armscyes and around the curve of the neck.

Do the same to the front main and lining.

Flip both pieces right side out.

Put 2 male snaps on each strap of the front bodice (fully lined). The snap should go through the main and lining fabric for placement go 1/2 inch from the edge. Find the middle of the strap and place the snaps 1/2 inch on either side of the middle line.
Make sure that the male piece of the snap is on the lining side.
(Picture was taken without the lining sewn on to show placement, do not be confused by this, you are attaching the snaps through both the main and lining AFTER it has been sewn in step 4 and 5.)

Place 2 female snaps on each strap of the back bodice using the same placement guide. Make sure that the female piece of the snap is on the main fabric side.

Continue with the pattern instructions on sewing the side seams up and adding the skirt.

And you are all DONE!

I think this would be lovely in the dress version also!

(Written by: Kieara Donohue)

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