Yoga Wrap Sweater Hack

Hi friends! Sonia here today with @mamascraftroom and I'm showing you how to hack the Day to Night top into this fun, yoga-style wrap top! I used a lovely ultra-light sweater knit from Amelia Lane (can be found here if not sold out) to recreate a super cute Alo top I saw from Nordstroms
My finished product! Hang around to see how this was accomplished :) 

Using tracing paper, draw two of the front bodice flipping at the centerfold, to create a full front bodice

For the lower left point: Mark at the innermost waist on the left side.

For your lower right point: mark 3 inches down from the first mark, and draw a line straight across. This will be your end point for the right side. 

For your curve point near the waist: I wanted my crossover to be about 3" wide at the side, so I then marked 4.5" up from that bottom right point (3" + 3/4" bottom seam allowance + 3/4" top seam allowance). I then blended a front curve from the neck down to this point.

This photo shows a breakdown of why I used the measurements that I used, allowing 3/4” to hem the top and bottom of each front bodice piece. These measurements may vary depending on pattern size and desired final look, so feel free to adjust accordingly :-) Cut to front bodices mirrored.

Cut your back piece, shortening the same amount as you’re a horizontal line across the front (the longest point).

Attach your two front bodice pieces to back at shoulders

Hem around the entire neckline.

Then, hem the bottom of each front piece, as well as the bottom hem of the back piece.

*****Not pictured!! Add sleeves, but do not sew side seams yet!!

Once everything is hemmed, pin the sides, sew side seams and hem your sleeves; you are all finished!

Thanks for joining me in recreating this cute yoga sweater, and happy sewing! 


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