The Boho Twirl Top Review

The Boho Twirl Top Review

Heather of Fletcher Custom Sewing made the Ellie and Mac Boho twirl tunic pattern. This pattern is perfect for my fashionista who wants to...

Heather of Fletcher Custom Sewing made the Ellie and Mac Boho twirl tunic pattern. This pattern is perfect for my fashionista who wants to wear ruffles and high heels everywhere, but who is sensitive about comfort too! The ruffles meet her aesthetic needs while the flowy style makes the tunic comfortable. It's really perfect paired here with the Ellie and Mac Lizzy ruffle pants pattern.

The instructions are easy to follow and patterns that can be made with both knit with woven are favorites because they allow me to use up some of my woven stash that I accumulated before I started sewing with knit. This pattern requires a knit bodice, but the skirt part of the tunic can be made with either knit or woven fabrics.

The sizing for this pattern was spot on with ready to wear clothing. When picking size, look at the finished measurements, that way you can make sure you pick the best fit. I like a little bit of room for her to grow into, that way she can wear the clothing longer.

I've been in a spring mood, even though it's still a little cooler out, so I used this butterfly floral fabric from Spoonflower. I like that the top band looks like a sash, so I added some fabric flowers to set it off from the other layers and keep with the springtime theme. Next time I think I'll try an appliqué like a bow or a heart to attach to the side. There are lots of great appliqué sources included in the pattern.

This pattern calls for gathering of each fabric row. One of the most useful tricks I've learned in making Ellie and Mac patterns is how to gather with my serger. No changing feet, all I do is increase my needle tensions and set it to a higher differential feed. Just be careful when attaching the layers and sewing over the gathering line. If you break the needle stitch lines with your serger knife your gather will unravel. I sewed most of this pattern on my serger, except for the top stitching where I used sewing and cover stitch machines.

I made the long sleeve, but I can see myself making many more of this pattern in short sleeves when the weather gets hotter, maybe even sleeveless too!

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