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Sunny Day Dress: simple hacks

Sunny Day Dress: simple hacks

Hello there! It’s Melissa again and I have a few modifications for the Sunny Day dress I would like to share with you. This is one of my most favorite Ellie and Mac patterns for myself. I wear one at least once a week.

I decided I wanted to try making a version that didn’t have a lined bodice, with a hemmed neck and sleeves. I know those sound like a lot of changes, but I knew it would turn out okay.

First to adjust the bodice, I mashed the Sunny Day Dress with the Watch and See Dress.

First I added ¼” to the neck so I could hem it with a total of ½”. The ¼” I added and the ¼” that would have been used when attaching the lining.

Here I cut the neck and sides of the Sunny Day Dress and used the Watch and see for the armscye and the sleeve. Again, since I am making an unlined version, I only cut two bodice pieces and then two sleeves.

I attached the two bodice pieces at the shoulder then attached the sleeves. I hemmed the neck and sleeves each ½”. I followed the rest of the directions in the Sunny Day tutorial to attach the pockets, sew the side seams, and attach the bodice to the skirt. I adjusted for height, being short usually means I have to take off a couple of inches.

Overall I really love this dress and was excited to modify it a little to be able to wear it with sleeves and save a little fabric by leaving it unlined. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I enjoy the modifications.
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