Sewing a Baby Cuddle Blanket

Sewing a Baby Cuddle Blanket

I've seen this cuddly, baby blanket style pop up and become quite popular in kits. I'm going to show you how to make your own with the remnants (and a couple large cuts) of fabric you can get at the store!

The size of the baby blanket in that kit is 28"×37",  but you can make it whatever size you want based on what fabric you have lying around!

So we'll use that as our guide. Over the years I've collected some cute flannel and minky remnants that I'm about to put to good use!

First I have this baby Dumbo flannel. It's 17" so I'm going to cut it and get 2-3 of my blanket strips from it. I have a ruler that is 6 ½" wide, so I figured that was a good size strip to use. I then used some blue minky and cut two more 6 ½" wide. Finally, I used some blue flannel and cut a 12 ½" strip to put in the middle. 

The great thing about this strip baby blanket is that you can make it as coordinated or scrappy as you want! Plus, it can be whatever size you want. My goal was to make it roughly 36" long. 

If you wanted to make a blanket this way for a bigger person or bed, just make your strips wider and longer, and add more strips.
I sewed my strips together with the larger, blue flannel piece in the middle. Then I had a piece of cotton lying around for the back. I decided to sew it right sides together and turn it right side out, finishing with some top stitching. Be sure to press the edges before top stitching!
Alternatively, you could get or make bias tape to bind it. You could even add binding after the top stitching method if you decided you wanted it later!

After your finishing method, that's it! You're done. I hope you enjoy your blanket. 

(Written by: Kendall Powers)

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