How to sew a Going two Color Tres Belle Everyday Dress

How to sew a Going two Color Tres Belle Everyday Dress

Hi there! It isn’t a secret I love pattern mashing. Although the changes can be small, the effect can be big! Last week I was scrolling through my newsfeed and a commercial came up from a 2 collar wrap dress. I was looking at it and thought: that is actually an awesome idea! How often do I have beautiful fabric, but I just don’t have left enough for a whole dress? And beside of that, I liked the effect! 

This is just one of the possibilities I am showing you. By raising or lowering the neckline, the wrap pieces, adding a different skirt or the pants from the South Shore, using different fabric or finish it with a facing or neckband, Your Dress is going to be different every time again!

You need:

  • Pattern pieces from Tres belle and Everyday Tee ( the Collar from the Going Home Sweater is optional)
  • Sewing machine (I didn’t use my serger. Some steps can be made with the serger, but you’ll need your sewing machine)
  • Paper, pencil, scissors, thread and of course some fabric

1. Lay your front piece from the Tres Belle on top of your Everyday Tee Front piece by matching the shoulder seams. Mark the corners at the neckline, the armscye from the Everyday Tee and measure and mark the point where you want to wrap it.

2. Draw the lines by using the shoulder line to the sleeve and to the armscye from the Everyday Tee. From that point, take the waist and the bottom from the Tres Belle. Draw the curve from the neckline and from that point you will go to the point you marked as ‘wrapping spot’. The neckline and wrapping spot are interchangeable, but make sure to stay on the same vertical line.

3. Your new pattern piece should like this now.

4. Add a tie on your pattern piece and use at least a length, so you can wrap it around your waist and tie it at your back.

5. Use step 1 and 2 to do the same with the back piece.

6. You have now 2 new pattern pieces!

7. Cut 2 front pieces mirrored and 2 back pieces mirrored. Check if you are cutting them on the right sides or sew yourself a Mondriaan

8. Lay your front pieces right sides together and you have to use your sewing machine for this step! Sew all the way down from top to the point you marked. Stitch a couple of stitches further and make sure you do some backstitches to fix it!

9. It should look like this now.

10. Don’t forget to press your seams open after sewing.

11. Sew your back pieces to each other as well, right side to right side and press your seam open.

12. Sew your front piece to the back piece, but at the sideseam from the part you want to lay on top, you’ll leave an opening, big enough for pulling the wraptie through. Around ½” from the bottom.

13. I closed mine again, after pulling the wraptie through the keyhole.

14. But when you don’t want that, you can finish your keyhole too.

15. Cut your skirt, but cut it from the other side on fold. There will be an angel in the middle at waist, just cut it off a bit. You can attach any skirt from the Tress Belle you like and I think the pants from the South Shore Romper will be great too!

16. Pinn and clip all the layers from the front side to the skirt and the back, right to right side and sew to your skirt.

Actually you are done! Finish all the hems on your preferred method and choose a neckline you like. I used the collar from the Going Home Sweater, but a facing or neckband is possible too of course!

Enjoy your dress! I hope you like it as much as I do mine!

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