How to make a cropped sweater from the Forever Flounce Top

How to make a cropped sweater from the Forever Flounce Top

Hi all, Ilse here from @sewsewilse. While testing the Forever Flounce Top, I saw a few other options to create with it. First of all a dress would be so nice, but what about a cropped t-shirt or sweater? 

I went for the double flounce in this light blue structured knit. I bought it in a local shop a few months ago. The alterations I made aren’t difficult at all. Let me tell you all about it.

For my double flounce style I need two bodices on fold (back and front), two mirrored pieces ‘front & back’ (so that gives me 4 single pieces), two flounces cut on fold, two sleeves cut on fold and the neckline you choose.

1. Shortening the main pieces.

I shortened my ‘front and back main’ (2 pieces) with 12 cm or 4,7” to get the cropped look. I didn’t shortened it on the ‘lengthen/shorten line’ but at the bottom.

2. Lowering my neckline.

I lowered the neckline with 2 cm or 0,8”. You can see it on the photos below how I did it.

3. Did I also shortened my flounce?

No, I didn’t shortened them, I wanted they kept the same width to the bottom. I only had to snip a piece from it after constructing it. And oh, I did not hem my flounces :)

4. Short sleeve plus cuff.

I used the cutline from the short sleeve and measured the bottom of it to create a cuff. The bottom is 18 cm or 7”. So my new dimensions for the cuff are 7” (length) / 4,7” (height). I cut this two times on fold.

Add the cuffs after you set in the sleeves and after you closed your side seams. 

Adding a cuff is different from a band. How do you do it?

  • align short ends of cuff right sides together and stitch
  • fold the cuff over onto itself (wrong sides together)
  • slip cuff inside the sleeve with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the sleeve, stitch or serge (I serged it)
  • fold your cuff to the outside, your cuff is now on the right side of your sleeve!
  • tack your cuff on a few places ( I did it on top and below with a few stitches)

5. Adding a bottom band to the Forever Flounce.

Draw a new piece for your bottom band. You can decide yourself the height of your piece. 

  • for the length of your bottom band you measure the outline of your shirt in the making 
  • calculate 80% from it and take this as your length ( plus seam allowance)
  • decide the height of the band ( my height is 16 cm or 6,3” seam allowance in) and cut
  • align short end
  • fold over onto itself and divide in 4 equal pieces with pins
  • divide the bottom of your shirt also in 4 equal pieces
  • slide your bottom band in the shirt, right sides together
  • pin and stitch

6. Finishing the neckline.

This is your own preference. You can use the method from the tutorial but I did this:

I measured my neckline, added seam allowances and cut one binding piece with a height of 4 cm or 1,5”.

  • align short end
  • divide your strip and neckline in 4 equal parts with pins
  • align the binding to the neckline, right sides together
  • press binding up, away from the neckline
  • fold binding over the neckline to the wrong side, encasing the whole neckline
  • pin, press and topstitch

I hope my post is useful. You can always try one of these things to create your own Forever Flounce style.

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See you soon, 


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