How To Hack Sleeve Cuffs Into Thumbhole Cuffs

How To Hack Sleeve Cuffs Into Thumbhole Cuffs

Hi dear sewists, my name is Sylvie, I'm happy to share with you today my first blog: a little 'hack' that can change everything into your creation.

I love to create and transform clothings, each pattern is like a palette for the painter, a real tool of creation.

Today, we will see how to easily change your sleeve cuffs into stylish thumb hole cuffs. It works on every pattern, so be creative, and don't hesitate to try!

I choose to work on the EAM Around the Block Hoodie pattern as example. (#affiliate)

Let's start!

- First, work on your pattern following the instruction as you usually do.

- When you arrive at the moment you have to prepare your cuffs, follow those steps:

  • Step 1:

Choose the right size according to your need, i choose M size, and report the pattern piece representing the sleeve cuffs on pattern paper.

  • Step 2:

Now you have the pattern piece drawn, multiply the length by 2 and trace it as on the picture.

  • Step 3:

Trace the middle of your piece, then mark 1 inch above and under the middle line, and mark again 1.5 inches above and under the latest marks.

You'll get something like that:

  • Step 4:

Cut your fabric following this new pattern, put right sides together, with pins mark the middle and the other measures above and under.

  • Step 5:

Choose straight stitch on you sewing machine and sew following the dotted lines.

Leave free the 2 places where the thumb will through off.

  • Step 6:

Turn your fabric right side out, secure the bottom sewing around the wrist place with your favourite elastic stitch.

Then, pin all around the thumb hole and sew with straight stitch.

The first mitten is done, do the second one as the first.

Now just complete your work in sewing the cuffs to the sleeves according to the instructions.

It's done!!!

Hope you enjoyed my hack and have fun in following it!

Have a wonderful and creative day!

(Written by: Sylvie Conil) on Instagram

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