How to Download, Print, and Piece an A4 Pattern

How to Download, Print, and Piece an A4 Pattern

Hello everybody, Ilse from @sewsewilse here. 

Slowly but surely, I notice that more and more Europeans are using English-language patterns. Fortunately, more and more American designers make their patterns not only in US format but also in A4 format, yeah!

Yet I notice that there is a language barrier. It’s not always that easy and obvious to sew and understand with patterns in another language. Luckily the EAM patterns always have clear instructions with colored step by step photos.

Today I want to help you download, print, and piece an Ellie & Mac pattern. 

So let’s go!

A) Ordering a pattern.

  1. Choose a pattern at your choice :) I want to make the Women’s Hipster dress!
  2. Click on the button ‘Add to cart’.   

    3.   The checkout window will open; click on ‘checkout’.

    4.   Maybe it’s your first time you buy an Ellie & Mac Pattern. Create an account by filling in your name, address and mail or log in.

    5.   Continue to payment and pay. Your order will be sent by mail and because you made an account all patterns are ordered under the tab ‘accounts’.
B) Printing the pattern.

1.   Download your pattern, in my case the Hipster Dress. Find your downloads in the download folder.

2.   Click on ‘Open in Finder’ and you’ll see the downloaded pattern.

3.   Drag your pattern to your desktop and open the file in Adobe Acrobat Reader.

4.   To print A4 sized paper, open the layers function and deselect LETTER, only the A4 function is selected. Then keep the size(s) select for your sew.
5.   Go to the printer and click on the following "actual size" "automatic landscape/ portrait" and hit print. (If you are having trouble printing you can try these options: "size 100%" "print as image”).

C)  Piecing and taping the pattern.

  1. It is best to only print the first sheet to check your one inch square. This control box has to be one inch or 4 cm in the length and width. If it’s correct...go on with printing.

    2.   The Hipster dress is trimless. The pattern is designed to touch the corresponding page against the pink dotted lines for using A4. There are no frames and no trimming is required.
    3.   Before taping with glue or tape, take a look at the pattern assembly diagram.

    4.   Start taping. Assemble the pink lines - cut your paper pattern and you better choose a lovely fabric to create your Hipster Dress <3

See you soon! Good luck with creating your Ellie & Mac patterns!


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