How To: Create a Heart Applique

Hi everyone,

Here is Lesley alias Frullemieke from the blog again.

Today I’m gonna show you how to make a cute heart applique on a store bought or sewed t-shirt.

I combined the t-shirt with a Madison Skirt 😊

And now we move on to the tutorial.

  1. Requirements: a t-shirt, a piece of fabric, paper application and interfacing

  2. Cut the heart out of the facing

  3. Iron interfacing to the back of the heart

  4. Turn the shirt inside out and pin the application on the T-shirt

  5. Sew surround the heart with a sturdy stitch (I used a small zigzag stitch)

  6. Sew parallel lines across the heart

  7. Cut the fabric open between the stitched lines

  8. And this is the result 😊

So cute <3, She likes it!

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