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How To Add Pockets To Any Dress

How To Add Pockets To Any Dress

Kendall here again!

I’m in love with having pockets on my clothes (who isn’t?) and now, so is my daughter! She’s 22 months, and when I get her dressed in the morning she is searching for “pockee.” Taking this into consideration, I now have to make sure to add pockets to any outfit that I make for her. I have made in seam pockets, welt pockets, and applique pockets without a pattern, and my plan over the next two of my blogs is to teach you the same thing!

On this first installment, I will go over the in seam pockets that I added to my daughter’s Aubrey dress (by Ellie and Mac, of course). This past week was spring break for me, and I planned a trip for us to the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids to see the butterflies. Butterfly (or “fly-fly”) is a new word/obsession for her, so I knew it would be a good time. I also happened to have butterfly fabric on hand, so an occasion-specific dress was in the works.

I decided that I would do the in seam pockets in the side seam of the top skirt. I also could have done them in the seam between the skirt and bodice, and next time I think I will go with that option. If I were to do the pockets in that horizontal seam, it would make for an easy addition of a rectangular pocket; just estimate the width based on your child’s hand size, and don’t make the pocket longer than the skirt!

For the side seam pocket, I used the cut off piece from cutting out the waist of the skirt. It was the right size for the length of the top skirt to not show after I tacked it down.

So in the picture below, you can see how I laid out the folded piece of fabric from the bottom skirt, onto the top skirt (silver). I had to cut the piece on the fold so that each piece of the pocket could be sewn individually.

In the next picture, you can see how the four pieces are laid out, right sides together, on the two pieces of skirt. Sew across where the pieces meet. Before you sew all 4 on, make sure you match up the pocket piece on the sides that will be sewn together, so that they aren’t wonky (second picture). As in the picture, when you match up the right sides together, the red lines go together and the black lines go together.

Now that you’ve got the pocket pieces sewn on to the skirt halves, put right sides together. Sew around the pocket pieces and the extra little bit of the skirt pieces. The red line below.

Once you sew around the pocket pieces, you’re ready to continue with the pattern instructions and sew the skirts onto the bodice! 

Here’s the link to the pattern again: Aubrey Dress (the two Aubrey dress links are affiliate links). She made the cutest face when the butterflies flew close to her. It’s the picture with her hands up by her chin.

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