Halloween Costume & Bonus Cape Tutorial

Halloween Costume & Bonus Cape Tutorial

Happy Halloween !!!!

There is something so magical and special about creating something out of some pieces of fabric.  You let your imagination run wild and the outcome is a uniquely beautiful piece of art. Take that imagination and create a one and only costume for your child. Now, you will be the real hero.  

There are several Ellie and Mac patterns that can be used or altered to make the perfect Halloween costume for yourself or your little one. There are dresses, skirts even swimsuits that will work. But today, I’m going to talk about the School Cool pattern with a bonus easy cape tutorial.

I’ve used this pattern to make a pinspiration dress for my daughter and now I’m using it to make my daughter a Supergirl costume.  There are no special instructions to making the dress itself. Just print out the pattern in correct size and choose the long sleeve option.  The top is blue and the skirt is red.  

For the emblem on the chest, I just used Google to search for “Supergirl emblem”.  I found the one I liked and printed it. You may need to adjust the size (percentage) to fix your child’s chest. I traced the background on yellow felt and the rest on red felt.  An exacto knife makes cutting the “S” much easier. I glued the “S” to the yellow background. To attach it to the dress, I topstitched it around the outer yellow space. 


The cape was the easiest part. I used fleece, because, let’s face it, no sewing required. I measured my daughter from the nape of her neck to where I wanted it to stop.  To that measurement, I added 8 inches. This will be the length of the cape. The width will be the child’s chest measurement minus 4 inches. 

Step 1 – Fold the fabric in half. Make a mark 1 inch down from on the folded edge.

Step 2 – Chose a small bowl about 6-8 inches in diameter. Place it on the mark you made.  Make sure to leave half of the bowl off the fabric. And cut it out the semicircle you just created.

Step 3 –  To create the curves on the edges where the fabric meets (opposite the folded edges), use the bowl to make a curved edge.  Cut out these curves.

And you are done with the cape.  Wasn’t that easy !!! And by the way, the cape works for both a girl and boy.

Your child can just wear it as is.  Or you can tack it down with a few stitches.  Just bare in mind, that it is now attached to the dress. This may cause a problem when washing it.  Or you can do want I did, and just use a safety pin it to dress.

Hope you all enjoyed this super easy cape tutorial. Have fun making your kiddos costume, don’t stress it.  And most importantly, remember whatever you make, your kiddo will love it !!

(Written by Maggie Bernabe)


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