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Get Your Swim On With This Easy Hack

Get Your Swim On With This Easy Hack

Swimsuit Season is Here

Swim Blog Image for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

Hello everyone, my name is Maggie.  I am a stay at home mom and have the sweetest, smart, fun (I’m sure all parents say that about their kids) 4 year old daughter. I absolutely love sewing for her. This is my first post for Ellie and Mac and I couldn’t be more excited. 

It’s Memorial Day, the unofficial start of summer.  That means pools, beaches, BBQs and swimsuit season. I don’t know about you guys, but one of my favorite things to make for my daughter is swimsuits. There is something so magically amazing about the look on her face when she sees a new swimsuit. Maybe because she knows we are going to the pool, hahaha. But I’ll take it.

 About two months ago, I received a magazine from Disney.  Inside was the cutest Moana swimsuit, I knew right away I needed to make a similar one for my girl. As usual, I went to my EAM folder and looked through all my patterns.  The top of the Be Brilliant and the bottom of the Tropical Getaway were perfect.  With a few minor modifications, they fit the bill.

 Inspiration Picture of Suit from Disney

Inspiration picture from


First, I didn’t was the top to be a bikini.  So since the Be Brilliant has an attached skirt, I added length to the bodice.  I measured my daughter from armpit to waist and added 0.5” for hem allowance.  For my daughter, it was 8”.  Then I measure the pattern piece from armpit to hem.  I had to add 4” to a size 4T.  I like to make a new pattern piece when I make a modification.  That way if I want to do another one, I already have it and don’t have to try to remember what I did or measure again.  Don’t forget to add the same amount to the back bodice. Sew the bodice as directed in the pattern.

 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

                   Front Bodice                                            Back Bodice

Now, unto the bottom piece.  As stated, I decided to use the bikini bottom and skirt from the Tropical Getaway.  The only thing I modified was the skirt and chose not to add the straps to the bikini, I thought it would make it too busy.  For the skirt, trace pattern and cut as directed. Pick a corner of the skirt and with a larger enough circular object, trace the edge and cut it out.  You could use a large mixing bowl, or even a pot lid. The skirt is meant to be left unfinished.  I love the look of a simple rolled hem.

 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

                                               Mixing Bowl

Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

                                                 Pot Lid

 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

                                                  Once it’s cut

Next, overlap the two top edges by 0.5” and pin.  Continue to construct skirt as directed in pattern.  When pinning skirt to waistband, note where your back is in relation to your slit.

 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns


 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

                                            Finished Skirt

 It’s that simple to create a new outfit with two patterns.  Side note, if any of you have little ballerinas, this skirt hack in chiffon would make the best ballet skirt.  I all have to try that next.

My daughter loved hers and was super excited to wear to the pool.

 Swim Blog for Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

Now, who wants a giveaway !!! Go get your patterns and create your own version or any swimsuit with an EAM pattern.  All swimsuits are currently on sale for $5.82. Share it in the group with the hashtag #EAMsummer2018.  On June 15th, Lindsey will choose a random post to win a $10 EAM giftcard.

Have a great and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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By: Maggie Bernabe

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Guest Blogger

This turned out really nice.

Guest Blogger

I need to try this hack!! So cute

Guest Blogger

Cute hack! Thanks for the detailed instructions 😊

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