Easy Costume Creations Using Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

DIY Character Dress Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

 Do you have a little girl that loves to dress up as her favorite characters? Me too! Baby Girl absolutely loves to play dress up. Well, today you are in luck. Here are some simple little girls outfit to sew yourself today!

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If you follow my blog you probably already know that Baby Girl is obsessed with Skye from Paw Patrol. I figured this would just be a short phase and it would eventually pass, however her obsession is still going strong. You may remember the Skye Costume I made her using the Ellie and Mac I love the 90's Dress sewing pattern and pink fuchsia French Terry back in October.

Sky Paw Patrol Dress Costume Using Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

All three of the following outfits in today's blog post will be using the Sweetie Tunic and Dress sewing pattern by Ellie and Mac. The Sweetie Dress sewing pattern is my go to sewing pattern for Baby Girl. Not only is it fun and girly, it is also a simple and quick sew. We all know we sometimes have to sew things quickly when we have little ones. The Sweetie dress would also be a great pattern for knit fabric beginners.

Pikachu Dress Sewing Pattern

First, I will start off with one of Baby Girl's favorite tops. Little Dude, Baby Girl's older brother, had a Pokemon themed birthday party. He wanted a Gengar shirt. I could not leave Baby Girl out, so I made her a Pikachu shirt. This Sweetie dress was sewn in tunic length. When I showed her the shirt, she freaked! She could not wait to put it on. I found the Pikachu Face cut file here from the shop Blue Lemon Decals. The yellow fabric is fabric I have had in my stash for quite awhile, I believe I bought it from Joann's. This yellow Cotton Lycra from Simply By Ti Fabrics would work well. When we are gymnastics last week, another little girl was wearing an Owlette shirt. Baby Girl noticed it right away. It was a simple red shirt with a shiny red Owlette mask across the front. I found the Owlette Mask cut file here from the shop Orange Cuts.

Owlette Dress Sewing Pattern

The little girl's shirt at gymnastics was very similar to Baby Girl's new Owlette dress. This Sweetie was sewn in the dress length. I used this red Cotton Lycra from Simply by Ti Fabrics. As soon as Baby Girl put on the Owlette Dress she started pretending to fly around and save her toys from danger. One of my favorite things about sewing dress up clothes for my little ones is how it brings out their imagination. It transports them to a fun place full of adventure.

Owlette Sewing Pattern 2 Sewing Pattern

 Recently, I had sewn a Minnie Mouse dress for Baby Girl for Disney character dress up day at school. She was thrilled to wear it! However, almost immediately after trying on her new Minnie Mouse dress, she asked, "You make me Daisy Dress too?" Oh my, I am in trouble with this little girl. I was almost as excited as Baby Girl to make her a Daisy Duck dress.

Daisy Duck Costume using Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns

 Little did Baby Girl know that I was actually going to attach real feathers to the skirt of her Sweetie tunic sewing pattern. You may find the feathers here. Two yards was the perfect amount of feathers for a size 2 tunic, I would recommend more yardage for bigger sizes. Originally, I was not sure if she would like the feathers or not, however she loved playing with the feathers and twirling them around. The Sweetie dress and tunic sewing pattern has excellent twirl factor too!!

Daisy Duck Costume using Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns 2

I used this Orchird Cotton Lycra from Simply By Ti Fabrics. You may remember this fabric from the Purple Playful Tunic and the Purple Unisex Raglan I have made it the past, both with lace overlays. It is absolutely gorgeous.

Daisy Duck Costume using Sewing Patterns from Ellie and Mac

I hope these Character dresses help inspire you to make your own! Please share you Ellie and Mac creations in the Ellie and Mac Facebook Group. We cannot wait to see your creations. Want to recreate these looks? Here is what you need:

  1. I love the 90's Sewing Pattern from Ellie and Mac
  2. Sweetie Tunic and Dress Sewing Pattern from Ellie and Mac
  3. Pink Fuschia French Terry
  4. Yellow Cotton Lycra
  5. Red Cotton Lycra
  6. White Feathers
  7. Skye Goggles and Wings
  8. Pikachu Cut File
  9. Owlette Cut File
  10. Silhouette Cameo
  11. Vinyl (my favorite place to buy vinyl from is Swing Designs)

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Daisy Duck Costume using Ellie and Mac Sewing Patterns