Headband with Button Option for Medical Mask

Headband with Button Option for Medical Mask

Earlier today we came across a post in our Facebook Group by Coleen Rose Carlson. She stated that her 2020 resolution was to help change the world. Her friend, who is a nurse, asked her for headbands with buttons on them, in an attempt to reduce the friction from wearing masks constantly. Colleen decided to use our free Ear Warmer Pattern and modify it slightly with a button. We thought this idea was awesome, and we decided to instantly add this option to our pattern. Now you all can use this pattern as a headband with buttons and bring relief to those who need to wear medical masks. 

The pattern comes with instructions which include the new step of adding the buttons. To bring to your attention how easy this is to sew, I will take you through sewing the headband really quickly. I have just sewed it myself and it is ready in a breeze.

Download the Free Medical Mask Headband here
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When you download the pattern from the site, you will find a button marking added: 

Make sure to transfer this marking to your fabric, using a fabric marker, pin or clip.

Then fold your fabric in half, clip/pin it together and sew. Turn the band inside out again. You will place the headband in front of you with the curve at the bottom. Then mark the middle of the left raw edge and the top of the right raw edge.

Place the headband with the right side up. Fold the right marked edge over, and underneath the left marked edge. Flip the right marked edge over in the direction of the top (the pin is at the top at the start and at the bottom after the flip). Line up the pin that came from the right side with the pin that marked the center of the left side. 

The next step is to fold over the bottom (center pin now mark the bottom) to the top and then the top over the fabric to the bottom. You can sew or serge this sandwiched side. 

Turn the headband inside out and this part is done. Now on to adding the buttons!

Place your button into position and hand sew it through both layers of fabric. Make sure to secure the ends and trim away the thread. Repeat this for the other button.

Et voila: your headband with buttons for medical masks is ready. 

(Written by: Manda Hoogstra-Rademaker)

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When printing at home, make sure you use the print at home pieces. Those are located in the same file as the instructions (at the end). You can use the A0 file to print the pattern at a copy shop. 

P.S. If you want to have another visual on how to sew the headband, our new video is live as well: 

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