Day to Night Top Hack

Day to Night Top Hack

Hello Fellow Ellie and Mac-ers!!!

I’m Elesia Marie with Sew Quirky Couture and I’m proud to be an Ellie & Mac Brand Representative!

Today I’m going to show you how to do a “hack n mash” of the Day To Night Top to get this double peplum, hooded top, which I had percolating in my cerebral space for some time before I got up the courage to actually make it… I LURVE hoods!!! I think they add a touch of drama, dare I say mystery to dresses and tunics and fancy tops, and being somewhat of a Drama Queen, (or so I’m told) I am absolutely in love with the way it came out! So I introduce to you the Double Double Toil and Trouble Top.

Before I get started, please know that there may be affiliate links listed and that if you purchase something using one of these links, it is no cost to you, but puts a few cents in my account so that I can buy more fabric… Because I’m a Fabric-A-Holic…

Here’s what you will need:
- The Ellie and Mac Day to Night Top Sewing Pattern 
- Hood pattern of your choice - just make sure that the seam allowances are the
same if you don’t use an E&M pattern so you don’t have to make any extra
adjustments. I didn’t use an E&M hood so I won’t be mentioning what hood
pattern I used for my top.
- Peplum pattern or circle skirt pattern
- Tracing paper or other kind paper to trace pattern on
- About 2 yards of main fabric and about 1 yard of accent fabric depending on what size you are cutting out -refer to pattern info for the best fabrics to use. I used Cotton Lycra French Terry for my main and Cotton Lycra for my accents.

1. The first thing you need to do is figure out if you want your hoodie to cross over
in the front or have an open space in the front like mine does, because you will
need to adjust the neckline of your bodice. If you want the open space, you can
use the Day 2 Night Bodice Low Cut neckline without any adjustments (I did
raise mine about 1.5 inches due to personal preference) If you want your hoodie
to cross over , then you will need to trace the neckline of the bodice of the hoodie
pattern you are using onto the the Day 2 Night bodice pattern. Ellie and Mac has
a few hoodie patterns such as the Ellie and Mac Undercover Hoodie
or the Hipster Dress Pattern.

2. Trace both front and back of the Day to Night Pattern onto your tracing paper or
other paper. You will only trace to the waistline of the pattern or wherever you
want the peplum to start. I usually measure down about 8 inches from the
bottom of the armscye, because that’s about where my natural waistline hits, but
it will be up to you if you want it a little longer or not.

This is also the part where you are going to alter the neckline of your bodice
pattern to the hood pattern neckline that you have chosen if necessary. Make sure you alter the front AND Back neckline if there is a huge difference.

3. For the double peplum, you can use a circle skirt pattern that you already have
and trace out a 10 inch long layer and a 13 inch long layer. Now these are just the
lengths that I use. You can make them however long or short you want with 3
inches of difference in the length. You can use the skirt of Be Smart Jumper
Pattern -
 . If you already have a peplum pattern you can use that, or you can draft your
own based on the bodice waist measurements. 

4. Now cut out all your pattern pieces - bodice, sleeves, top sleeve flounce, outer
hood pieces, and top peplum in main fabric, and bottom sleeve flounce, hood
liner, neckband (if using the Day 2 Night neckline) and bottom peplum in accent

5. I would advise you to assemble and hem your sleeve flounces and peplum pieces first. Of course you can do it after you attach them to the bodice, but it will be a lot of fabric and weight to maneuver around your machine. This is just my advice.
I used a rolled hem on my peplum/flounce pieces because I’m a super lazy sewist
and it’s a lot quicker in my opinion. But however and whenever you choose to
hem your pieces is up to you :) 

6. Sew the Day 2 Night Bodice and sleeves as per the instructions.

7. Attach the flounces and peplum pieces.

8. If you are doing the closed front or crossover hoodie option, attach the hood as
per its pattern instructions. If you are choosing the open front hood option, sew
together the main hood and liner as per the pattern instructions, then line up the
center of the hood to the back center of the bodice and clip or pin around the
sides of the neckline. Do not stretch the hood piece or neckline. Baste to
neckline. Attach bodice neckband per pattern instructions, making sure that all
layers - bodice neckline, hoodie/lining, and neckband - are all caught up in the
seam allowance. 

9. Now you’re all done!!!

I hope you enjoyed this hack n mash tutorial and we’d love to see your creations!!!

(Written by: Elesia Marie)

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