Cricut Possibilities: Cutting Wood and Tool Organization

Hey friends! Sonia here today to share with you this fun project using one of our current files, to eat drink and be cozy, and cutting it out and Wood for a fun, 3-D decorative art piece! 

I love all of the materials my Cricut Maker can cut, it is wonderful to be able to create so many different types of crafts with just one machine! Cricut recently launched their new Cricut Machine Tool Organizer, which is a fantastic addition for those of you that, like me, work with so many different mediums. This tool organizer holds so many different blades, and is big enough to hold all of the adoptable tools that Cricut has out, like the deep knife, scoring and double scoring, rotary blade, and more. You can also unscrew the top blade at Storage portion, to reveal a lower storage compartment that houses the removable tips and extra blades. I added an adhesive backed strip of magnet to the side of mine to hold my various blades. I love that it keeps tools protected from damage or getting lost, and it closes off sharp tips to protect from accidental cuts when digging around for tools. Having a toddler makes that second part REALLY nice!

With all of my tools so close at hand, it was  Quick and simple to create this multimedia sign! I cut eat, drink, and cozy out of Cricut basswood, and then used vinyl as a stencil for "and be" as well as the coffee mug. I like that there is variation in the depths, which creates a lot of visual interest. In hindsight, I wish I had moved the vinyled words and be down a bit, but it’s perfect and it’s imperfection!




I highly encourage you to play with your Cricut settings, And if you didn’t know this already, you can cut password with a Cricut explore, you don’t need the Cricut Maker to do it! That’s because it’s cut using one of the regular blades, as opposed to the adaptive turning blade. So give it a go, and have fun creating, hopefully this inspires you to use some of our cut files in new and unique ways!

Also, if you’re not familiar with how to use vinyl as a stencil, I will be publishing a video on our YouTube channel soon so make sure to subscribe to get notifications when that video launches!