Create a Sewn-In Faux Undershirt For Your Off the Shoulder Look

Create a Sewn-In Faux Undershirt For Your Off the Shoulder Look

How to Create a Sewn-in Faux Undershirt for Kids 

Hi friends, Brit again!
Who doesn’t love an off the shoulder slouchy sweater? I sure do! But with an active toddler, trying to dress multiple layers isn’t always feasible - especially since most days she’d rather be ransacking the house than letting me dress her. Enter my idea for a sewn-in faux undershirt!

Ok, let’s get started! Pattern needed: Kids Oversized Tee. (This is my affiliate link if you want to purchase!) 
Step 1: Cut all pattern pieces. For this shirt you’ll need the boatneck option with band. For the wrist/waist you can choose cuffs or hem based on preference. I chose cuffs.
Step 2: Decide what width you want your undershirt strap to be, double that and in add seam allowance. I want mine to be 2” wide, so I cut a 4.5” x 10” strip. 10” is more than I’ll need for a strap, but I added extra length to be safe. For reference, I’m sewing 18-24m for an almost 2 year old. If you’re sewing bigger sizes you’ll need to adjust accordingly!
Step 3: Go ahead and sew the shirt together as normal!

Step 4: Measure your model. I put the shirt on her, placed the neckband where I want it to lay, and measured to see how long my shirt strap will need to be. In hindsight I should have pinned where I want the strap to be, but see above for crazy toddler who doesn’t sit still. I just used my picture for reference. (Side note: It was almost nap time so I had to stop to measure before I got the neckband attached.)
Step 5: Sew your strap! Fold in half and sew RST. Don’t cut any of the extra length yet. Turn right side out, centering the seam in the back. Here I tried the strap in the shirt where I wanted it to be. Turns out 2” is way too big for an 18-24m, so I cut it down to a 1” strap.

Much Better!

Step 6: Turn shirt inside out. Pin the strap in place, RST. Serge/sew the strap in place. In hindsight I could have serged this with the neckband, but I prefer to see it all together first. Do whatever you’re comfortable with!

Step 8: Step back and admire your work! And then hope your toddler cooperates long enough to get a couple of decent pictures!

Final and totally optional (but highly recommended) step: Make yourself a matching shirt because that’s just about the greatest thing ever!

(Written by: Brittany McGlade)

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