Comparing different fabrics for the Slow Sunday Top

Comparing different fabrics for the Slow Sunday Top

Hello! I’m Aimee, also known as the Sewing Scientist, here to bring you a new blog post for Ellie & Mac. This blog contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, I will receive a small commission for which I am very grateful.

Today, I want to show you three Slow Sunday Tops that I made. I made each with a different kind of knit. First off is a custom double brushed poly.  

I only had a yard of this gorgeous floral print and I’m happy to say that was all I needed for a Medium graded to 2XL Hips (I wanted a little extra swing). I even was able to get all my pieces cut going the same direction. Direction was not noticeable on this print and I had contemplated doing the back upside down, but I didn’t have to! The back has a center seam and I was able to fold my yad in half and place the front on the fold and the back piece along the selvedge. 

My hips fall into the XXL, but I like the extra bit of swing I get by sizing up one size for the Hips. 

For this Slow Sunday Top, I used a swim knit! I know a lot of people don’t think about using swim knit when making anything other than swimwear, but it is one of my favorite fabrics to use when making clothing for summer wear. Swim knit has great drape and is cool to the touch. It is perfect to wear out on a hot sunny day. Most swim knit is even SPF rates and will protect your skin from UV rays.

I love to travel and find that my swim knit makes are perfect for traveling. They stay wrinkle free and if I need to hand wash alsong the way, they dry really fast just hanging in the room. Swim knit can be tricky for neck bands. I do wish I had cut this one a tiny bit narrower. Also – don’t be afraid to iron swim knit. I use high heat and a Teflon sheet to get perfectly crisp hems.

My final Slow Sunday Top is made with a cotton & rayon blend jersey knit with only 2-way stretch. I bought this knit from a local shop after their building was destroyed in a tornado. They were pulling what fabric they could from the building that was missing the front wall and most of the roof had collapsed. They sold what could be salvaged in the parking lot at a steep discount. 


I love how soft this knit is and the bright primary colors feel appropriate for an end of summer top. It’s lightweight and I love the drape, although it’s not quite as drapey as the other knits I used.  I am sure to wear this one a lot as it’s the perfect easy t-shirt to wear with jeans. 

I made all three Slow Sunday Tops with the mid-scoop neckline and with short sleeves. I did make my short sleeves about half an inch longer than the pattern cut line. I think I’ll make a few v-neck versions with ¾ length sleeves for fall. This is such an easy to wear top and I can see wearing it to work or for casual wear at home.  

I decided to add an out-take from my photos with you. We have a feral cat that after she had kittens 3 times in our backyard, we were finally able to get her tame enough to bring her and her kittens in the house so we could get her fixed as soon as she was done nursing the kittens. She insists on being an outdoor cat and was not very happy that I was outside and not petting her. She insisted in photo bombing most of my photos so they are all cropped. 

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(Written by: Aimee Wilson)

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