Classic Camisole Nightgown Hack

Classic Camisole Nightgown Hack

Today I will be showing you how to take the  Classic Camisole Top and Dress  and turn it into a comfortable nightgown. I love nightgowns. Sometimes I find myself wearing it as regular clothing during my time at home.So when I saw the Classic Camisole Top and Dress I was very excited to attempt to modify the pattern and sew one up. It is as easy to sew as the Classic Camisole Top and Dress pattern. So lets get started. 

Printing / Tracing / Cutting the pattern

Step1: The modified version only utilizes the bodice pattern up to the lengthen / shorten line. If you are printing the pattern you will only need to print the bodice front  pages up to the  lengthen / shorten line. Next we will trace / cut out our  bodice front as shown here in the black outline. You will not trace the darts as you will not be using them. This will be a fully lined bodice so you will need a main and a lining piece.

Step 2: Back Bodice 
The back bodice will use the V BACK BODICE pattern piece as well as the FRONT BODICE to make this happen. Again we don’t need the darts.  You will trace the width of the V BACK BODICE  and make it the same length as the FRONT BODICE pattern piece from step 1. This will be a fully lined bodice so you will need a main and a lining piece.

Step 3: Straps

Because the back bodice was modified we will also need to length the original straps. To do this take the V BACK BODICE and measure the area shown with the green arrow and add 1”. The figure you get you will use to extend the length of the STRAIGHT BACK CAMI STRAP pattern piece. Cut two straps with the new length and the same width as per the original pattern piece.

Math Class is over, whew, now we are ready to roll!!

Step 4:
Follow all the steps on pages 18-19 to make your straps and baste the strap to the bodice. 

Step 5:
With right sides together sew the main and the lining front bodice together around the neck and armhole. Clip into the curves. Turn the bodice right sides out. (This is similar to the last step on page 24-25).

Step 6:
With BACK BODICE main fabric right side up, lay the straps for the front bodice on top of the back bodice so they are right sides together. You will follow the strap placement in the pattern. 
Baste the strap in place, then put the BACK BODICE lining on top of the main fabric and sew across the back bodice.

With your bodice right sides out this is what you should now have. 

Sew the side seams of the main front and the main back right sides together. Repeat for the lining. Your bodice is now complete!

To sew the skirt, measure the waist of the nightgown and double the figure for the front and cut another piece of the same measurement for the back. For example, if your waist is 32” you will cut your skirt front 32 x 2 = 64” . Cut another piece 64” wide for the back. 

For the length, I wanted a long nightgown but you can choose, just remember to add 1” for hem allowance. Place the skirt pieces right sides together and sew. Divide the skirt into quarters and divide the bodice into quarters.

Sew a gathering stitch in the waist and gather the fabric to fit the waist of the bodice. Pin the bodice and the skirt right sides together and sew.

Hem your nightgown. Add a rosette (or not).

And that is it! Your nightgown is finished. Honestly it could double as a dress too! 


If you loved this tutorial you can find the pattern here : #aff

(Written by: Kelly Grvs)

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