Adding Ruffled Trim to Lucky Girl

Adding Ruffled Trim to Lucky Girl

I am suddenly all about ruffle details. Not really big ruffles, small ones that carry a big punch! And it’s easier than you think. Let’s jump right in.

You don’t need anything different than what the Lucky Girl pattern (#affiliate) calls for. You will use the Cuffed Style 1 Sleeve. Follow the cutting directions on the sleeve pieces. Be sure to cut both the front and the back. 

The sleeve cuff (pattern piece 3), will help determine your ruffle length.

Cut a strip of fabric for your ruffle 1.5 or 2 X the length of the sleeve cuff that corresponds to your size. Cut it 3” wide. The longer it is the tighter the gathers will be., so choose if you want it to be 1.5 X the length or a full 2 X.

  • Fold in half wrong sides together. Iron flat.
  • Sew the 2 short ends together using your preferred method.
  • Mark your quarter points on the band.

  • Gather the raw edge using your preferred method.
  • Now to make the gathered piece fit the sleeve opening.
  • Mark the quarter points on the sleeve.
  • With right sides together, insert the sleeve into the gathered piece. 

  • Align the raw edges and match the quarter points pin or clip.
  • Pull your gathering threads on the band until it fits around the sleeve.

  • Sew the raw edge using your preferred method.
  • Topstitching will help hold the ruffle flat.

That’s it!

P.S. I think a ruffle around the bottom would be pretty too! Next time!

(Written by: Suzanne Giles Todd)

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