Adding Bridal Lace to the Classic Camisole

Adding Bridal Lace to the Classic Camisole

Bridal lace! Need I say more? I know! 

How many times I have stood in the local fabric store and swooned over it?! I mean, it’s is gorgeous! 

But, I am not a bride - so what can I do with it? Well, it is Suzanne Todd here, and have I got a stunning look for you!

Maybe I am hooked on bridal lace since we just had a big wedding and gained another precious daughter-in-law. Or maybe it’s because all of this lace is SO beautiful. 

Either way, I knew that I just had to have it. 

Hold on though.

I sew knits only! 

Yikes! This lace does not stretch, so now what?

Enter the Classic Cami, a woven pattern. I only sew with knits and  have never sewn wovens. 

What was I so afraid of? It is a super easy pattern with so many possibilities. 

Here is what you will need:

  • About 1 yard (depending on size you will have leftovers) of a beautiful bridal lace of your choice. I like the ones that have a “scalloped” or finished bottom, it makes a lovely hemline.
  • Woven fabric of your choice. I used a white poly crepe.
  • Thread, scissors, interfacing, the usual…

To Start With

I made 2 different versions but they both begin the same way. 

Cut the cami as directed in the pattern.

Go ahead and sew the darts and stay stitching in the front and back bodice pieces. 

All over lace version:

Go ahead and turn the hem up on both front and back pieces.

Cut a second front bodice piece from your lace. I used the “scalloped” edge as my hemline. The original bodice will now be the lining. 

Be sure that the lace is about 1’longer than the hemmed front, ensuring that the lining does not hang below the lace. 

I only put the lace on the front, but you could use it on the back as well. 

Simply cut a second back piece of lace as well.


Sew all darts in the lace as well.

Place lace over the front lining. Wrong side (WS) of lace to right side (RS) of lining.

Baste together. 

This will now be treated as one piece. Be sure the lining is shorter than the lace. 

Continue with the pattern as it is written, treating the lace and lining as 1 piece.

Apply facings.


Sew side seams.

And there you are! A gorgeous all over lace Classic Cami!

I trimmed the netting from around the scalloped bottom, creating even more detail.

Center lace version:

For this one, you need a front and back per pattern instructions.

Sew darts and stay stitching.

Add 3 strips of Dritz Wash Away Double Sided Tape down the center to hold your lace while you attach it.

Stick the lace down and stitch using a 3mm straight stitch. 

I like to hide the stitches as best possible. So, I stitched 3 lines down the most dense areas of the lace. 

Then I did a tack stitch at the tip of each point to hold it down once washed.

Although, the lace will probably need a quick press before wearing to keep it flat. 

 Turn the top over, WS up, and trim the lace to match the neckline of the bodice. 

Add facings and finish as per pattern instructions.


2 stunning white lace camis!

Happy Sewing!



(Written by: Suzanne Todd)


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