Add a Secret Pocket to Your Gnome XXL

Add a Secret Pocket to Your Gnome XXL

Hi, I'm Kath and this is my first blog for Ellie and Mac. You can find me on Instagram here:

I have a hack for the newly released XXL Gnome that I would like to share with you.

I added a zipper pocket to the back of the Gnome, where you can hide snacks or small presents. This is great if you want to gift the Gnome for Christmas etc. and add a little extra.

Below I will share with you how you can add a secret pocket to your Gnome XXL as well.

Start by cutting out all the pieces for your Gnome XXL and pocket. For the pocket you can use the pattern pieces from the Sweetheart Pillow pattern ( I used the size M pocket for the 24“ Gnome) or draft your own. Pocket measurements for the 24“ Gnome:

Pocket bottom (cut 2): 6.4“ x 4.6“

Pocket top (cut 1): 6.4“ x 9“.

You also need a 7.5“ zipper.

Cut the back body piece of the Gnome as two pieces instead of on the fold and add seam allowance ( I used ½ inch).

If you want to make the gnome with pants, you will also need two sets of snaps (and a tool to put them in of course) or some hook and loop tape.

So now you have your back body pieces and pocket pieces and you will add the pocket to the back body.

Make sure your pocket is far enough down from the top that it's not under the hat (the hat gets attached about 2.5“ down from the top of the body). Also pay attention to the seam allowance at the bottom – you don't want the pocket to get caught in the bottom seam.

Put the first Gnome back piece right side up and the zipper on top of it, right side down. The pocket bottom piece goes onto the zipper, also right side down.

The zipper will be between the two layers of fabric. It should extend 1/2“ from the top and bottom of the pocket. Pin or clip and sew with a zipper foot from the top of the pocket to the bottom (not the whole length of the zipper).

Press carefully. If your zipper has plastic teeth, you might want to use a pressing cloth to keep them from melting.

Fold the pocket bottom piece away from the zipper tape.

Now you put the other Gnome back piece right side up and the other side of the zipper on top of it, right side down. Then the other pocket bottom piece goes on top of the zipper, also right side down. Pin or clip and sew with your zipper foot. (Again, only from top to bottom of the pocket piece, not the whole zipper).

Now you can open up the pocket pieces and it should look like this. You can topstitch if you want to.

Put the pocket top piece on top of the pocket bottom pieces, right sides facing each other. Pin or clip (only the pocket pieces). Fold the Gnome back piece away and sew, starting at the zipper tape, around one side of the pocket and stop at the zipper tape on the other side ( you can sew into the zipper tape, but not the teeth). Repeat on the other side of the pocket. If there remains a hole at the start or end of the zipper, you can close it with a few handstitches.

Fold the pocket to the side when you sew together the body pieces, so it doesn't get caught in the side seams.

Body will look like this.

Once you have sewn your pocket, you can follow the instructions for the Gnome until the pants get sewn ( if you're making them, if not skip ahead until the filling material gets put in).

I did the pants a little different to accomodate for the pocket. First, I attached the straps in the front before the pants get attached to the body. Next, I added snaps to the back pants and straps ( it's helpful to put a piece of iron on interfacing where the snaps will go). Alternatively, you can use hook and loop tape for this.

Pants with snaps.

Put on the pants as per instructions, except don't sew the straps on at the back, just snap them on.

Once you get to stuffing the Gnome, you have to make sure you don't stuff the body too tight, so you can still use the pocket. I suggest to actually put something in the pocket as a placeholder before you start stuffing. For the rest of the Gnome you can follow the pattern instructions.

The back of your Gnome will look like pictured below. Without pants:

With pants:

And you can just unsnap the pants and fold them down to get to the pocket.

There you go, now you have your very own Secret Pocket Gnome!  

(Written by: Katharina Reiser)

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