Adult Bodycon Dress by Rain City

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The Bodycon dress is a tight fitting dress you make with knit fabric and a sewing machine capable of a stretch stitch. You can also sew most of the seams with a serger (overlock machine) but the binding will need to be sewn on with either a sewing machine or a coverstitch machine.

Because this dress is meant to fit tight the minimum stretch of the fabric required for this dress has been factored in when you select your size. This technology is the Stretch Layer. With this layer you can see whether you DO need to blend sizes or is you can get away without blending or you can get away with not blending so many sizes.

The Stretch Layer technology was created to streamline selecting a size; making a size choice with confidence faster. 

While this sewing pattern doesn't have a lot of options (only sleeveless) it includes priceless adjustment tutorials including: Swayback Adjustment, Lengthen/Shorten Adjustment, Full Bust Adjustment and Blending Sizes Adjustment. 

This bodycon dress pattern makes a great base to layer hoodies, cardigans and my favorite from the Seattle 90s scene, the flannel button up. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a digital product, not a finished garment, and cannot be returned/refunded. This is a beginner level PDF sewing pattern for knit fabrics.

Skill Level: Confident Beginner - Able to sew a straight stitch with a sewing machine. 

What you get:

Instruction File

  • Vivid, clear and high quality picture tutorial depicting each step.
  • Easy to understand language and definitions.
  • Video tutorials for sewing and pattern page assembly.
  • Interactive Navigation Tabs (Adobe Reader Required)
  • Finished Measurement Chart
  • Lengthen/Shorten Line

A0 paper size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at a store.
  • Layers Feature

Trimless (no cut) Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at home.
  • Pages do not need to be trimmed to assemble.
  • Layers Feature 
  • US Letter and A4 paper compatible

Trim Letter and A4 size pattern pieces

  • Pattern pieces that you print at home.
  • Page require trimming to assemble.
  • Layers Feature 
  • US Letter and A4 paper compatible

Optimized Projector File

  • Layers Feature 
  • 1" grid layer for calibration. 
  • 4 cm grid layer for calibration.
  • Big and bold readable text.
  • Large margins for easy scrolling.

Access to Rain City's inclusive sewing support and community Facebook Group

  • Human Rights are not up for debate in Rain City's sewing group. In this group: Black Lives Matter, science is real, no person is illegal, love is love, trans rights matter. While you may not agree with what Rain City stands for to be a member of this group you must be mindful to respect the beliefs of this group.
  • Join us in our Facebook sewing group! Share your creations, ask questions, be the first to know about tester calls and more!



S0c (small size 0) to L1c (large size 1) (see size chart for more details)

1-2 hours for your first time sewing but maybe 20 minutes on any subsequent dresses.

Required Tools & Materials:

Adobe Reader for Desktop + Printer + Paper + Tape or Projector

Fabric Chalk or other method to mark fabric

Sewing Machine (capable of a stretch stitch) + Stretch Needles + Thread

Pins or Clips

Scissors or Rotary Wheel with Cutting Mat


Recommended Fabric: Knit Fabric
adult yardage chart for the bodycon

Optional Tools & Materials:

Serger (overlock) Machine

Coverstitch Machine

Terms of Use:

Files are locked. You are not purchasing editable files. 

File sharing of the PDF pattern, including the instruction and pattern pieces, is prohibited. However, it's totally fine to sell what you've made using this pattern. Just remember no file sharing. 

To purchase a pattern you are required to create an account. This is so that you don't need to worry about losing your pattern because it will be safely stored in your account here at Rain City. In addition to that whenever there is an update to a pattern you've purchased you will have direct access to it in your account. How great is that, right? 

These are digital PDF Sewing Patterns. They are not paper patterns that you would receive in the mail. You will be able to download your pattern(s) immediately after purchase. They will also be available in your account to download any time. For more information on what a PDF Sewing Pattern is and how to use one, click here.

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