Sewing Pattern Coloring Pages

The Ellie and Mac staff is made up of moms.  We all love to sew and have all struggled to find things for our young kids to do while we are sewing.  As a group, we discussed how there have been messes made, projects interrupted, and bummed kids who just wanted to participate in the process.  We wanted to come up with something that would give the little ones in your life something fun to do that would encourage them to use their imaginations and create something exciting!  

We hope that these coloring pages are well loved by your children, and that they are able to see themselves in them.  
These are digital PDF Sewing Patterns. They are not paper patterns that you would receive in the mail. You will be able to download your pattern(s) immediately after purchase. They will also be available in your account to download any time. For more information on what a PDF Sewing Pattern is and how to use one, click here.

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Sewing Pattern Coloring Pages

Great for kiddos.

My son hates coloring but loved these and finding something he wanted me to sew for him. He also used green and orange instead of red which is the only crayon he usually uses.


I printed offa bunch of these and my kiddos enjoyed designing and drawing outfits (even my son who doesn’t usually go for that stuff. Very cool idea!


Sewing Pattern Coloring Pages

Sewing Pattern Colouring Pages

I used the colouring pages while I was baby sitting a friends grand kids. The kids enjoyed colouring the pages etc. and the pages kept them engaged and busy for a extended period of time on a rainy day. The kids were able to use their creativity while they worked on the pages instead of playing video games.

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