Romper Mash Up

Hey! Catherine here for my first post! I’m here to show you how you can easily mash 2 of my favorite romper patterns, the Vacation Romper and Hip Hop Romper, to get a whole new look.


I loved the bottom of the Hip Hop Romper, but knew my 2 year old would be untying that halter all day! I looked at the Vacation Romper and thought the binding was a great solution for us. These two patterns came together perfectly giving me the functional and trendy look I was aiming for.

To start, I printed and assembled the whole front piece and the arm and neck binding pieces of the Hip Hop Romper and the top of the Vacation Romper in the size I needed.

I laid the top of the Vacation Romper over the Hip Hop Romper, matching up the center seam and bottom of the neckline and drew a line across the Hip Hop Romper marking where I would cut off the top of the Hip Hop piece, removed it, then taped the top of the Vacation Romper in its place.

From there I cut 2 identical pieces out of my fabric as well as arm and neck binding pieces from the Vacation Romper and 2 elastic leg band pieces according to the measurements in the Hip Hop Romper pattern. I followed the tutorial from the Hip Hop Romper to sew the side seams, inseam and leg elastics and then the Vacation Romper tutorial for attaching the neck and underarm binding. 

Voila! It’s done! I can’t wait to see your mash ups, don’t forget to post in the Ellie and Mac Facebook Group!

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