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Hi everyone! I am so excited to be writing my first blog post with you. What better way to kick off my time on the page than with one of my favorite Ellie and Mac patterns?! I’m Kendall, a busy (but really, who isn't?) full-time working (School Psychologist) mom of an 11 month old, so I have to find patterns that are simple, relatively quick, and well worth my time! These Kid's Unisex Joggers fit my daughter so well. I prefer the tapered leg fit, personally. I think it’s easier for her to crawl around when she doesn’t have extra fabric around her legs. She has altered between both disposable and cloth diapers and they fit great with both! Also, I used a serger for the seams and my sewing machine to attach the patches. However, the seams can be sewn together using a zip-zag or stretch (lightning bolt looking) stitch from the sewing machine. Since the fabric stretches, the stitch needs to stretch, too!


First things first, cut out and tape your pattern together. I had a small, strike off sample to work with from GlamSprouts Custom Fabric, so it was perfect to do colorblocked pants. Make sure your pattern and grainline are facing the way you want them to be. Don't forget to cut mirror versions of the pants!


Luckily my other color was a solid (my new favorite color to match with, mauve, from #AuroraDesignFabrics) so it doesn't really have a right or wrong side. I also fussy cut as much as I can with knit to conserve as much as possible! Usually, this means unrolling the edge of the fabric to cut and putting it like at the bottom of pants because the roll gets sewn into the seam allowance anyway. However, since the patches get put on like appliques, I bit the bullet and just cut away the rolled edge (see photo).


Once I cut my pieces for the Kid's Unisex Joggers, I sewed the front and back together for each leg, so purple to purple and mauve to mauve. We're only sewing one seam right now, the outer seam since we're adding the patches on the thigh. Once the seams are sewn, we press! I also like to sew the cuffs and waistband into circles at this step just because it is so quick and I can have them waiting when I need them!

I used to really hate having to take time to switch between the iron and the sewing machine, but ever since I started doing it I have loved my projects more. When my projects keep turning out great, I start liking the ironing step more!


With the thigh patches, I decided to use quilter’s basting spray, like what you use to hold all your layers together to quilt them together. I put the patch on newspaper and sprayed it. Then I transferred it to the pant leg. The first time, I did the whole patch at once. This ended up being tricky because it was so darn sticky! The second time I did half at a time. This way I was able to keep it lined up where I wanted it. Once both were basted, I did a small zig-zag stitch near the edge to adhere them.

It's smooth sailing from here! Sew up the other leg seam on the pant legs, making sure you sew the ends of the patch. Mine had a tiny gap been the patch and the edge that I had to make sure was completely in tee seam allowance.


Then sew the two legs together via the u-shaped crotch seam by putting one leg inside the other, right sides together.

Next are the cuffs. Since I already sewed them into circles, I fold them in half (seam inside) and line the cuff seam up to the inside pant leg seam by pulling the cuff over the leg and lining up all raw edges. Now sew! The best way I heard to do cuffs (besides with a serger) is to sew around a rotation and then drop the knife of the serger to overlap  your stitches about ½-1 inch. On a sewing machine, overlapping will work too. Then with the needles down, lift the presser foot and run a trail of stitches while pulling the piece away. Overlapping will lock stitches and pulling away from lowered needles prevents excess thread from just sewing away from the cuff.

With the waistband, mark then quarter points on the band: back seam, front, two sides. Line those up with the seams on the pants, just like with the leg cuffs. And sew! I cut my cuffs bigger so that when folded the would add extra length in the legs. My daughter is growing much too fast! The cuffs are a long rectangle. You can't add length to the long end of the rectangle, because this is equivalent to the circumference of the leg opening. Instead, add width to the cuff. Remember it gets folded in half, so if you are wanting to add 1” in total pant length, you have to cut the cuffs 2” wider.

If my instructions were unclear, hopefully this video will fill in any gaps for you!

I hope you love your Kid's Unisex Joggers!  

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Jessie May 26, 2018

You guys are amazing!

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Thanks for the info! These are so cute!

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Oh these are so cute, too bad I don’t have any kids though.

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Love these!

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Great use for those little scraps that I can’t seem to throw away.

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These would be great for my little!

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What a great way to use up smaller pieces..

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Awesome idea with the basting spray!

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Cute pattern!

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These are sooo cute!!! What a great way to use up some scraps.

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OMG those are adorable great scrap busters

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These are adorable!!

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So cute!
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Love these 😁

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This is my post and I’m so excited so many people are reading it!

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what a great tutorial

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Love these joggers!

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Oh, that sweet little one! Makes me want to sew up some joggers for my little ones.

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Thanks for the tips!

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Can’t wait to make the joggers

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Basting spray is a game changer!

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